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Pro Tools HD 10.3.9 MAC (crack only - copylefter) [ChingLiu]
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2014-06-03 06:01:00 GMT
Ching_Liu VIP

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Pro Tools 10 software is the latest version of Avid's flagship music creation and audio production software, and delivers many great new features. 
Speed up editing and mixing workflows with Clip Gain. 

Work more easily with AudioSuite-rendered clips with reverse processing handles and other new workflows.
Get great responsiveness on slower hard drives with the enhanced disk handler. 
Work with more plug-ins and maintain total phase accuracy with 4x more Automatic Delay Compensation (16k vs. 4k in Pro Tools 9).
Create bigger mixes in Pro Tools HD, with higher track counts. 
And get over 500 new Pro Tools commands when using 
Artist Series, System 5, and other EUCON-enabled consoles.

Just in case Avid changes the protection 
(or you get paranoid downloading from avid ) 
I made a mirror of the 10.3.9 installer available as of now, you'll find it in the peeplink.

Be sure to watch the video and to read the readme.rtfd included.
(famous Apple's text format that stands for Read The Document)

This crack is finally working, the only downside is that you must use
the fade tool to create fades, if you use the menu item "Create Fades"
or the shortcut cmd+F it crashes, so don't try, btw the fade tool
is the easiest and fastest way to create fades in PT so you should use that anyway.

Remember to enable Access to Assistive Devices,
I forgot it in the video, btw in the readme is clearly explained.

Fix Notes:
Many people faced problem with the previous patch+loader,
I made a mistake to share it on the wave of enthusiasm,
it was in a too early stage and not fully working.

Now we think this can be declared a final crack,
openssh spotted the pseudo-random iLok checks and circumvented the CRC checks, 
it's now totally usable unlike the previous partial crack.
The new loader should be fool-proof. Just follow instructions.

Reversing and patch scripting by openssh.
Loader applet by copylefter.


You can’t open the application “Pro Tools Loader” because it may be damaged or incomplete.

Getting this error when try to open, using OSX 10.8.5
Still needs some work ChingLiu, open some sessions but crashes some. Like big ones with a lot plugins.
Ok, now I have removed Pro tools 10 and put back Pro tool 8, I now get this mgs. "CLOULD NOT COMPLETE YOUR REQUEST BECAUSE AN ACCESS VIOLATION HAS OCCURRED" Can someone tell whats going on here. Never seen that before I tried Pro tool 10…Need help
Help??Help??Help?? Some Useful warning and advices:

The only downside with this crack is that you can't use ⌘+F or the menu item "Create Fade"
to create a fade, if you try PT will crash and say it's corrupted.
You can create fades with the fade tool (pointer), that's also the fastest way to do it.

With this crack is not possible to close the current session and open another from file menu in PT,
as PT will run CRC check again and it will fail it as the memory is patched.
There's a method that involves a second script but it's more of a problem to explain how to use it, than is to relaunch PT.
So if you need to open another session, just quit PT, and reopen it.

Other than this two little downsides you should expect everything a legit PT10 brings you.
I have many "could not extract file (...)" problems extracting the archive. After putting both files in appropriate folder and trying to launch PT Loader PT icon keeps bumping in the dock. What should I do?
Need Pro Tool 11 for Yosemite support
Working or not ?
For me: iMac 10.9.4 / 2,8Ghz intel core 2 duo
Can't open old sessions but seems working for new ones. (useless...)
I can’t open the application “Pro Tools Loader” because it may be damaged or incomplete.
Does not work
keep getting error message
it crashes everytime i trying to add a a send from a aux track , without send busses and group tracks this is useless , no one is able to crack pro tools 10 it seems :(
open the file with the Keka...