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Deserts Rats vs Afrika Korps-FLT
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2004-04-17 11:42:50 GMT

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   Telling the story of the North African campaigns of World War II from both
   Axis' and Allies' side, Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps is Real-Time Tactical
   game in full 3D boosting single- and multiplayer mode. Uniquely, the game
   combines narrative-based missions with the real-time strategy genre. Across
   two campaigns and twenty missions inspired from historical facts, players
   follow the destiny of a German and an English hero, who were once friends
   and who are now constrained to fight each other in this "war without hate".

   Missions range from reconnaissance operations in the desert and urban
   flush-out missions to large-scale sieges of desert fortresses. Each mission
   starts with a briefing and a recap of the historical background to the
   ensuing battle. More than 30 units can be allocated to each side, selected
   in the army management system. Desert Rats is characterised by a high level
   of combat realism and varied combat tactics. A pause feature allows players
   to think over tactics if necessary. 
   Key Features:

   * 2 campaigns and 20 exciting missions, inspired from historical facts. 
   * Real-time strategy visualized in full 3D, with realistic graphics and
     sounds matching historical atmosphere.
   * More than 70 different units available to each side, each with its own
     characteristics (riflemen, artillery, tanks, air support...) 
   * Missions range from recon operations in the desert and urban purge
     missions to large-scale sieges of desert fortresses.
   * Stress has been put on the tactical aspects of war: army management,
     battle preparation, varied combat tactics… and on realism of combats.
   * A tough AI will be able to respond in an effective way (e.g. attack
     from the front, side or rear, simultaneous attacks from 2 sides…)
   * 3 Multiplayer modes (for up to 4 players) via LAN or Internet (powered
     by Gamespy).

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Snälla, det är som vanligt, sitter på 98% och får inte hem slutet! Skulle någon kunna seeda?
Kan någon bara skriva vad det är man ska göra föratt komma förbi Copy Protection? Vart Finns cracken på cdn? Har letat överallt. Om någon kan hitta en serial key så kan ja seeda lite till!
Seeda plz
Ursäkta eventuell okunnighet. Efter installation, som pågick länge och väl, säger spelet vid start att det inte hittar skivan. Vad göra?
Någon som vet var man hittar cd keyn jag gör det inte
Har laddat ner och installerat spelet etc, men går inte att starta det? Händer inget när jag klickar på iconen och sånt? Har det nått med kopieringsskyddet att göra?
the crack thats with the game dont work
how do i unpack this alcohol +damon carnt read it
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Download another crack and it will work. Remember to still mount the game.
var ikke noen extraktion filer med, bare en masse filer som endte på nummer og en fil som var .sfv
ja har ingen jävla aning om hur man gör sen när spelet har laddat klart :S vart hamnar den?, hur installerar man? hör av er!

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seed pls

1. Double click on flt-dr.001

2. A window will appear:

Windows cannot open this file:
File: flt-dr.001

What do you want to do?

3. Select "Select the program from a list" then OK

4. Select WinRar then extract the flt-dr.001 file

5. Mount it with Daemon Tools

6. Install

7. Open "My Computer"

8. Right click on the mounted image ( G: , H: , I: , J: ) and select "Open"

9. Open the "FLT" folder

10. Extract the fltdrck.rar file

11. Copy the folder "inf" , the folder "levels" and ak.exe

12. Go to your installation directory (like this: E:\Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps)

13. Right click and select "Paste"

14. Now you are ready to play!
seed please, there is one guy with 100% and its going slow..!
I'm stuck at 99%
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I so wanna play this game ...
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Theres a small problem....i finished downloading mounting with daemon tools the game starts to install,its just starting then a window will appear telling me thers an error,component transfer error some sort of that and the installation will stop,what will i do man hope you can help me..thanks
I observe and i see theres a generic malware in one of the anti-virus is blocking/disenfecting it...i cant install this one if it will ruin my pc.