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Malice - Xbox USA Full DVD - ConFuSiON
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Malice is 3D action-adventure game featuring a tough, funny, magic-abusing wannabe Goddess called Malice! The player must guide Malice through 22 levels of Elemental chaos to break free of the twisted time-loops & change the devastating histories that drive the game's uniquely evolutionary worlds

Malice has been heralded for its fantastic graphics, fluid gameplay, compelling storyline, and funny characterisation . It's certain to become one of the great action-adventure games on the next generation console systems

In a war between two unlikely forces, a strange girl dies, only to escape the long queues of dead in the afterlife and return to fix the fractured worlds it seems she might have created

On her return, she must reboot the Orrery, the machine that turns the universe, and travel through the Elemental Gates of the Past, Present and Future Her adventures will pitch her against funny characters, surreal creatures, Magic Guardians, and the brutal marching boots of an unending cloned Army. All time-lines lead to a final blistering conflict with a super-fueled, lava drooling, nuclear Fire God, hell bent on consuming the planet

Help Malice evolve through 4 different incarnations to become the Goddess destined to defeat a God gone mad! Use an array of spectacular magic skills and apocalyptic weaponry, like the Clockwork Hammer, the Mace of Clubs and the Quantum Tuning Fork... ...Surreal, stunning and unique, Malice is a cataclysmically dark and comic tale.

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detta är inte värt att leecha... helt kasst.. IGN hatade det också
Yep. Skitspel to the max.
Malice tog 3,5 år (!) att tillverka och var menat att lanseras samtidigt som XBOX kom ut i handeln.

3,5 år att göra och 3,5 timmar att klara av. det här sög rätt hårt, enda bra är väl att gwen stefani gör rösten
Någon som vet vart på nätet man kan köpa en billig chippad xbox med bra kvalitet? Skriv till mig isf tack.
wow just what kids need! A game based on the wildly flawed, internally contradictory tennants of wicca.
someone seed this file ffs i've been stuck on 97.6% for over 4 weeks now
Can you reseed this please?