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Borland C++ Builder v6 Enterprise - Reseed
Applications > Windows
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2004-06-14 20:55:27 GMT

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Borland C++ development environment.

Minimum ZIP-file size this time.... for Borland info.

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kanske nån kan ta och seeda ut igen ? , tankat hem 99.3 procent nu men har ingen att leecha ifrån :/
I've stuck on 85.9%! Please seed!
yo i'm new to this hole site just one question about the torrents what program sould i use to download them in like when i click download this torrent a window pops up asking me to use what program would ares or lime wire be ok?
i recommended you download u torrent: :)
very good but the installer didn't accepted any key, another installer worked.
Thanks for the up mate

I'm having problems installing the application. It starts off, then after 30 seconds I get a message saying that the install was interrupted.

I am using a new laptop with a T5750 C2D and Vista 32-bit. I've tried installing in compability but nothing works. Thanks for any suggestions.
to 53166:

Try linux in wine mode.
where do i get a key that works to run tis
As earth2earl mentioned, the installation is quite tricky. For instance, you may need two different keys - one for the trial version, provided in the .nfo, and one for the update, as given in the .reg ...
Just be sure to READ THE LR_BCB6ENT.NFO STEP BY STEP, to get the thing running!
builder 6 ... hmm
i have used vc++ and am looking for a change

1.Is this good for standalone applications ?
and gui development for windows ?

2.does it have a drag & drop gui designer ?
forgive my ignorance guys. can anyone please answer these...

it will help me a lot thx in advance
For those of you having problems installing the application on 64-bit Vista (possibly other 64-bit versions of windows), edit the provided .reg file to contain the following values:



Follow the rest of the steps and everything should install properly.
@Mono plz I just downloaded this torrent and having trouble installing cos it will not accept the trial..I'm using win7 keeps asking a valid key on the cd label and will not accept any of the keys i generate..Please help!!!
If you're looking for a keygen, there is one here in piratebay. Search for Borland C++ Builder and you're gonna find it! I haven't tested it yet, as I wait for this torrent to finish downloading. Oh, what kind of software are you guys developing?
If you're looking for a keygen, there's one here in PirateBay. Search for Borland C++ Builder Keygenerator and you're gonna find it. Seems to work just fine although I haven't tested it yet as I'm waiting for this download to finish. What kind of software are you guys working on?
Sorry for the double comment. Just ignore it.