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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - RIP
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2004-07-17 21:52:27 GMT

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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
Majesty: Symulacja Królestwa Fantasy
Rok wydania: 2000
Typ gry: Strategia/RTS/cRPG]

Oficjalna strona: 
Producent: Cyberlore Studios, Inc. 
Wydawca: Microprose 
Sposób rozgrywki: singleplayer / multiplayer  
Nosnik: RIP
Jezyk: angielski 
Patche: Patch 3 PL (4,6MB), Patch 4 (5,21MB) - dolaczone i gotowe do zainstalowania wraz z witaminkami :-)
Wymagania minimalne: PII 266MHz, 64MB RAM 


W tej grze bedziecie mogli wcielic sie w wladce fantastycznego królestwa. Wbrew pozorom wcale nie bedzie to latwe zadanie - róznorakie kreatury wypelzajace z ciemnych zakamarków swiata beda napadac nasze królestwo. Zarówno grafika jak i muzyka bardzo dobrze oddaje klimat fantasy.

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Hmmm.....skulle vara bra om nån seedade
I'm here :-)
If You have play on this game, you must patch them to version 1.4.
In the zip file are complete patch with crack (this is not majesty_eng_patch_4.exe file).

Sorry, my english is very baad :-)
Gah, kan nån seeda?
Har letat ett bra tag efter detta^^
SORRY , i'm delete this file :(
Can we get a seed here?
Yeah plzz seed someone
Jag kan inte öppna filerna.
De är en fil med tillägget bin och en med cue.
Kan ingen hjälpa mej.
kom igen seeda plz, sitter fast på 93,5%
Plz come and share it!!
Plz we need seeders!!!
Plz i only need 16mb-s!!! come and share!!!
Seed please! Stuck at 81.43%
Great there some way to get music on it though?
Amazing game, been wondering what the name of it was for years. After I download i'll seed for a week.
is this game launguage is ENG?

Im not from UK or US so dont blame me for speech
And How to install Game I tryed with PowerISO and Deamon Tools but still i cant get it going
Be aware, this is just Majesty WITHOUT the expansion. You need the gold edition if you want the expansion.