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2004-07-20 12:38:21 GMT

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Try it! Great music program for not so advanced users. But still quite advanced:P

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To open a BIN file search this site for "daemon tools" and install it. Just follow the prompts and make sure to uncheck that search bar thing. After you install you'll need to restart. When you do you will see a red icon in your task bar along with utorrent, team speak, aim, itunes and all your other junk. Click on your red lightning bolt and it should say "Device 0:[I:] No Media". Don't panic if you don't have an 'I' you might have a 'E' or 'F' or something... but thats not the point. The point is you need to click on it. A nice file select window will pop up and you can then browse through all your porn and find the CD1 bin file. If the CD doesn't auto run then go to "My Computer" and double click on "DVD Drive (I:)" or E or F. When it asks you for the next CD, simply click on the icon again and click "Device 0:[I:]" again and select CD2 bin.

If you need any more help I doubt you will find it on this site. You need to go to and read the entire website. They have some good information on that site, but stay off the sloppyjoe or manwich poll.

need key
same1 know how i can remove the voice from the music contact me [email protected]
any1 have active code?
it didnt say that i had to mount cd2 and cd3 but now i dont have any music-files,, cant i just copy the files i cd2 and 3 to the map on the computer?
Dude, if you don't know how to install this, you're on the wrong place..... Torrentz, bin/cue files, disc images, divided rar's are just not for you. Go learn some cumputer stuff first
serial ?
stuck at 83! xD Please seed!
is this not compatible with windows vista?
Need crack file!
Well, I too get the message "Please insert the magix music maker installation cd rom and start the program once again. " This happens after i've installed it and try to run the program, even though i've mounted cd1 into daemon tools. I guess the problem is that magix searches for the cd in my physical cd rom device, and not in daemon tools. I've tried various settings in daemon tools, but nothing seems to work. This error have occured to me with other programs as well. Does anyone know how to get through this problem?
Is this Magix music maker 12 deluxe?? I never heard of just Magix music maker deluxe unless it's the first one?
this is a packaged version of MAGIX music maker 10 that comes with two seperate moops and sounds discs (disc 2 and 3 for those who were wondering why it didnt ask for them)