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ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (FLAC)
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2005-09-04 01:26:54 GMT

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I was very unhappy with the CD mix of this excellent album, so I 
recoded it from an original pressing vinyl.  Enjoy.


format:	FLAC

1.	3:03	Waiting for the bus 
2.	3:34	Jesus just left Chicago 
3.	3:28	Beer drinkers & hell raisers 
4.	3:36	Master of sparks 
5.	3:20	Hot, blues and righteous
6.	2:36	Move me on down the line 
7.	3:14	Precious and grace 
8.	3:55	La Grange 
9.	4:11	Shiek 
10.	3:21	Have you heard?

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This sounds great! Thank you! Can I have some more vinyl rips? I´m looking for Tejas, Deguello,El Loco, First album and Fandango. FLAC or Vinyl rip OR Both!
I have First, Rio, Fandango, and Tejas. All from original pressings. The CD mixmasterman was not very nice to these albums. Were Deguello and El Loco fucked up too? I suppose I could record those as well.

I would like to convert your flac file to mp3s, but cant find anything that splits the one flac file into mp3s so that all songs get their own file. Can you help me?
I used dbpoweramp ro recode to mp3, and cool mp3 splitter to split the resulting mp3 into songs
You can also get mp3 format here. Not as good as
flac, but sometimes convenient.
You did a really good job here. I realise you posted this quite awhile back but is there any chance of uploading your other ZZ vinyls? Rio Grande Mud particularly.
Thanks for this!
Any quick way to split it up into tracks?
CD Burner XP-
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