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Parappa Collection
Games > PSx
3.19 GiB (3422059467 Bytes)
2005-09-05 09:05:31 GMT

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Parappa The Rapper Collection

Parappa The Rapper PSX
Parappa The  Rapper 2 PS2
Um Jammer Lammy PSX
The Parappa The Rapper Soundtrack

With covers for everthing except the soundtrack(if you can find those let me know)

File list not available.


Someone, ANYONE with this file, please seed this. Alot of people are stuck at 99.8%
please reseed this! stuck at 99.8! thanks!!!:D
has any one tried the psx games at all? i know the ps2 game works but does the psx games work on the ps2. they work in the psx emu on the pc but what about the console and i got seeded down at 100% no problem
Someone please seed a little. Not funny to dl in less than 1 kb/s :(
I am seeding for a bit. Sorry, wish I could go longer, but I am getting some new PC Hardware. Right now I am going 60-65 KBs up, so enjoy while you can!
Note that if you want to burn from the image files, remove the "d:\..." crap from the .bin file.
SEED im stuck at 87.8%
Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammy Lammer don't work at all on my chipped PSone. Wasted plenty of discs trying all the methods.
Parappa the Rapper 2 worked briefly on my chipped PS2 but fucked up at the same point (but could be my PS2, the chips don't last forever).
I'm not prepared to pay ridiculous money to some greedy bastard on ebay for me to get bored of them anyway within an hour.
Strange but I whipped out our really old chipped PSX that doesn't work too well and Parappa worked on it so it might work for you. Um Jammer Lammy still didn't though.
What the fuck, now Um Jammer Lammy works! Stutters a bit but that's probably my Playstation.
Ignore my previous comments, I'm a stupid cunt.
Please seed... I'm downloading at 0.2 to 0.5 kbps... snd it's freakin' 3.19 Gigabytes. It would take awhile to download this at a rate of 100 kbps... I mean, seriously now.
I'm still downloading this, it's been 3 days now and i'm only at 20.3%, still no seeds. If some of those leechers would seed then maybe people would be able to download this torrent. I know I shouldn't be complaining when all this is free, but the internet isn't. My ISP charges me by the amount of time the internet's being used, so this is getting to be more expensive than just buying the games off Ebay. Please seed, people.
Thanks! It's now downloading at 60.4 kbps! Once finished i'll try to seed as long as possible. By the way, a good emulator for this is Xebra, if you're going to play this on a computer. My friend recommended this torrent to me, and said it didn't work with ePSXe, and some other emulators. The graphics won't be as good as ePSXe, but it should fix alot of the problems that my friend had (parappa the rapper was very glitchy for him and um jammer lammy didn't load properly). Once again, Thanks!
stuck at 82.6%..
Blazing along like any good torrent should, thanks a ton for the upload! I never got these games the first time around (the first game's demo on an Underground disc murdered me), so it'll be great to try my hand against them now.
plz seed, 80.0% done and downloading 10.5KBs