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Shinjuku Thief - Medea (Dorobo) AsShinjuku Thief, Melbourne based electronic artist Darrin Verhagen hasproduced numerous albums of dark, evocative and menacing soundscapes.Such is the vividness and intensity of his work that since his debutwith 1992?s industrial ambience of Bloody Tourist, he has increasinglybeen sought out and commissioned by artists from both stage and screen.He has worked with numerous dance productions such as Chunky Move andDanceworks, sound installations, done remixes for artists includingSnog and also contributed to countless theatre productions withoutcompromising his personal vision. Included in this extensive list isEuripides? Medea, which was performed at the Melbourne Festival inOctober last year.

A horrifying tale of a women?s vengeance, Verhagen?s sounds forMedea are dark, menacing and imbued with a deep sense of foreboding.The opening track Lachrymosa/ The moan is loss manages to besimultaneously haunting and terrifying, a subdued soundscape thatbuilds into a disembodied female moan, which sets an unmistakeable tonefor the rest of the piece. City of the Future begins withdisintegrating chorals, before degenerating into a post apocalypticwasteland, featuring vengeful laughter, dull rumblings and evocativedrones. Verhagen?s, self described gothic orchestral soundscape,refuses to let you escape, one minute building in intensity and volumeon Un-think, depicting a chaotic, violent hellish world, whilstbeginning reflective and quite orchestral on the next Sailing without amap. In fact Verhagen?s sounds possess such violence, passion, form andsuggestion that visuals don?t feel necessary. Removing the sounds fromtheir original context not only allows us a certain clarity to hearwhat they are articulating, but also allows us to engage an old friendto flesh them out. The imagination. And from this moment on, thejourney gets considerably darker.

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