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2005-09-09 17:06:24 GMT

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HERE IT COMES!!! the THING Everyone has been waiting for!!

Enjoy this torrent with some of Kid606's mp3's.
Alot of it is full albums but not everyone of them.


Some of the albums are:
Attitude, Cex & Kid 606 Are Terrible Musicians Vol.1, Christoph De Babalon VS Kid606 Split 12", Don't Sweat the Technics, Down with the scene, Freakbitchlickfly, GQ on the EQ++, Kid606 & Friends - Attitude, Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You, P.S I Love You, Peel session - 2000, ps you love me, Kid606 VS Dalek- Ruin it EP, Shockout Mix, Shockout Vol.1, The Action Packed Mentalist Brings you the fucking Jams, The Soccergirl EP, Twirl, Unamerican Activity Split EP, We are all winers, Who Still Kill Sound?, Why I love life............And some more stuff (Just for you!)

-WHY? You ASK?.....Well you will fell good afterwards (or not, it's up to you)

DON'T Miss this great offer, to meat the Kid!!

Ok let's get sit down in that "I'm sorry" chair now.
I put out a similar torrent awhile ago that got lost, for several reasons. So Im taking this oppertunity to appolegise to those people that were trying to download that torrent from me.
Ok I'm sorry. I'm not scared to say that.

-Let's do this thing--


Yours Truly DOTED

File list not available.


Hmmm sorry to break it like this but I will most likely stop seeding kid606 soon. Sorry about that. But if anyone asks I will put it up again. So let me know..
I would love it up for just a little longer.
I am stuck at 99.3%

Many thanks. This is a great post.

the file "'Kid606\Who Still Kill Sound_\13 Dramatic Pause of Silence to Signify the End of the Album and Beginning of Additional Songs Included on the CD to Make People Feel Better About Buying the CD Instead of the Vinyl Version.mp3'" has too long a name and it won't let me download it! It gives me an I/O error. Please shorten the name, I'd appreciate it a lot.
can someone please seed this?
Would be great to have
please - anyone who has this competed can you seed so I can finish the download - I'll seed for a long time if I can get it finished

As gruffaloratchet was pointing out last month, if there's anyone out there who can seed this for a while, I'm sure everyone in the pool would appreciate it. And I'm sure I'd seed up to 5 copies in total.
Can someone please seed?

I'm stuck at 99%
Hey!? I need the Kid. I was born too soon and arrived too late-I'm 53 and love the Kid. Could you re-seed for me, please. I love that boy's sound. Thank you. Now get busy, son.
Could someone please seed this? I've been stuck at 99% for days now. Thanks!
Seed it up, bitches
Stuck on 99.7%! any seeds?
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SEED!!! I will seed as soon as I finish, but c'mon people; seed, not greed!
hmm, nobody seems to have the whole thing anymore.
lukky it's all seperated mp3's instead of a rar

although it would be nice if someone would seed
hey could anyone seed please? been on 99.7 for a week or two now, just need a coupla minutes seeding and i'm done! cheers.
Can someone seed this plz?
please can someone re-seed - stuck at 99.7 . . . thanks in advance
If there is anyone out there that can help out the guys with 99.7% it would be much appreciated so this torrent can be rescued
seed please
is it possible to upload shout at the doner?
Stuck at 99%, seems on "04 dropkick-matmos' theme for a biker movie starring kid606.mp3". Anybody have that file and can complete this torrent? I'll seed as long as I can.
Also missing currently are
"kid606 bbc radio mix 09_2003.mp3",
"03 Whereweleftoff (Fortune Cookie Rmx) - Atom.mp3", and
"04 Farben Sometimes_The Kabuki Ro.mp3".
FYI, I found the first song I mentioned, "Kid 606 & Friends Dropkick - Matmos' Theme For A Biker Movie Starring Kid606" at