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I, Claudius
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The elderly Roman emperor Claudius writes his memoirs, telling of the history of the Roman empire through his own period of rule. It begins as Augustus is emperor, and his scheming wife Livia will stop at nothing to make her son from a previous marriage Tiberius the next emperor. This conflict sets the stage for a long period of intrigue and double-crosses among the Roman elite, all of it witnessed by Claudius, whose limp and stammer cause everyone to think him simple-minded and thus leave him alone. But Claudius in fact posesses a very keen intellect, and is determined to see justice be done and Rome returned to a Republican form of government.

Complete mini-series, compiled from SKK's excellent posts:

I compiled this because, frankly, there aren't a lot of seeds left on the previous single-episodes, and it would be a shame to miss any of them.  If you've already downloaded parts of previous episodes and are waiting for a seed, many bittorrent clients allow you to selectively download single parts of the entire torrent (Azureus, BitComet, etc.)

Apologies for the slow-ass connection.  This will take quite some time to seed to completion, but I intend to keep seeing until a few people have it.

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Great upload, unbelievable that 1000 people have downloaded and none have taken the time to thank the uploader for this great series.
Actually a few people had thanked me and commented that this might be missing an episode (it's not, in fact two episodes are combined). For some reason TPB must have deleted the old messages. But thanks (and thanks to SKK who originally posted the individual episodes).
Thanks for the info about the combined episodes. I was scratching my head. IMDB says 13.
Thankyou for uploading this great series.

It is a little slow downoading but worth the wait ;D
r there any english subtitles 4 this release?
Seed FFS!!!!
Awesome series! This is a dream come true! Thanks to all uploaders and seeders!
Thanks!!! KUDOS TO YOU! =)
PLEASE SEED!!!!!Thnx in advance
It would seem that the combined episodes are the first two:

A Touch of Murder

Family Affairs.

Just speculation on my part, though, as I'm still downloading.
This is just a lovely TV-serie - BBC I guess.
Thank you Disobient, I've been looking for this for a long time...
The episodes are actually in the proper order and named correctly. The listing at is incorrect, the one at has it right.

Just saying.
You are to be honored...thank you, and everyone, please be seeders.
Thanks alot. I especially appreciate that this version is a few gigabites smaller than the other one out there.
thanks for this disobedient!
I just wanted to thank you, the uploader, as well...very much appreciated...peacebe with.
Come on, people. Seed please. That is the best way to thank the uploader. I'm stuck at 53.9 since a few says. By the, my respects for the uploader. This is great man.
Come on, people. Seed please
Thanks for this. For fans of Derek Jacobi you might also want to watch the Cadfael series.
Thank you for sharing this. However there is a newer upload with higher-resolution rips (640x480) available here:
This is the greatest dramatization, stage theater. Whatever you might call it. Just fantastic.
many thanks!