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Jake 2.0 - all 16 episodes
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2005-09-13 07:57:42 GMT

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Jake Foley was an ordinary guy until a freak accident turned him into the world's first computer-enhanced man. Millions of microscopic computers interface with his biochemistry and make him stronger and faster, able to see and hear further then normal man. They give him the power to control technology with his brain. Jake Foley ? America's secret weapon. He takes on missions no ordinary agent can perform. He is the ultimate human upgrade.

When Jake's newfound abilities are discovered, the National Security Agency places him at the centre of a new Special Ops team. But once he is thrust into his new role as a secret agent, Jake is forced to juggle his two lives as a superhero and a regular, twenty-something guy looking to enjoy life and find love.

This torrent includes all the 16 episodes:
1: The Tech
2: Training Day
3: Cater Waiter
4: Arms and the Girl
5: The Good, The Bad, and the Geeky
6: Last Man Standing
7: Jerry 2.0
8: Middleman
9: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
10: The Spy Who Really Liked me
11: Prince and the Revolution
12: Double agent
13: Blackout
14: Get Foley
15: Dead Man Talking
16: Upgrade 

Good quality TV-rip, ~350 mb/episode, all in xvid-format.

In english, but no subtitles.

File list not available.


are there any more of these episodes ???
No. They canceled the series... though there's a group trying to get these suckers released on DVD.
Pleace upload fast I only got 15 kB/s.
Jake 2.0 is a dam good program
I'm damn happy that this torrent is still active/alive eventhough it has been around since 2005.
Thanks to all seeders and the original uploader.
haven't DLed this one but LOL! This was a great movie! but they cancelled it. he upgraded his Nanites into 3.0 in the last episodes.. hahaha! maybe the producers quit coz' it'll gonna be Jake 3.0... Love to have a copy of this so could you Seed more please!!! ~_^