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The Wedding Trough

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Name.........: The.Pig.Fucking.Movie.vhsrip.(,.wedding.through).avi
Year.........: 1974
Filesize.....: 514 MB (or 526,470 KB or 539,105,280 bytes)
Runtime......: 01:20:38 (144,995 fr)
Video Codec..: DivX 5.0
Video Bitrate: 788 kb/s
Audio Codec..: 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate: 96 kb/s (48/ch, stereo) VBR 
Frame Size...: 320x240 (1.33:1) [=4:3]
FPS..........: 29.97
subs.........: not needed
Quality......: Poor VHS rip
Color........: B&W

Also Known As:
One Man and His Pig 
The Pig Fucking Movie 
Vase de noces


Directed by
Thierry Zéno

Writing credits 
Dominique Garny (screenplay)
Thierry Zéno 

Country: Belgium 
Certification: Australia:(Banned) 


"Consider me a fan of the more fringe and extreme movies in circulation. 
I guess it's more of a curiosity factor than a genuine fondness for the grotesque. 
That very curiosity is what lead me to watch this movie. I'll say right off that 
there is almost nobody that would find this "enjoyable" and anybody that does 
needs to be locked up. But it is definitely a movie that lives up to its reputation. There's no spoken language and the picture is shoddy black and white. 
The only soundtrack consists of everyday farm noises and organ music that sounds 
like Ned from South Park singing while drowning in a tub of grease. Yes, it's that weird. Then we get to the actual "plot". A lone farmer with a bestiality fetish rapes a sow on his farm only to confront the offspring, his emotions about the sow, and a horribly disgusting habit of drinking tea made from his own sewage! 
No reasons are ever given to the man's motives and nothing is ever explained. 
For example why does this guy enjoy putting doll heads on pigeons? 
But as far as the sicko movies goes it deserves a high spot. If you watched Salo: 120 Days of Sodom and shook it right off this may be your next conquest although for the life of me I don't know why anybody would purposefully seek this out. Then again I did so nevermind."

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Thank you seeder, finally someone that are reasonable enough to seed this :P.
No, the seeder disappeard. Damn you :P
Sorry, going to correct "disappeard" to "Disappeared" :P
one more seeder or two, please? stuck at 98% here! thanks
Yes I do enjoy it! Just because you don't like animal sex, doesn't mean the rest of us agree with you. So fuck off Thomas Conner! No one is forcing you to download it!
You have to be seriously sick to enjoy this crap.

Don't download it, even out of curiousity (no, I haven't sone so - and nor will I). It could set you on a seriously fucked-up path that you really, really don't want to travel.

It's too late for the poster who calls himself The Hawk. Don't be like him.

The Hawk
It is fortunate that you "enjoy" animal sex. You will never get a woman, so will not reproduce.

That is your best possible contribution to the World.

Good day to you.
My word, how happy people are to condemn that which they do not understand. This movie is not porn and even describing it as bestiality is a little misleading. I saw this film when it was shown in the London Film Festival in 1975. It is an art movie in the spirit of Un Chien Andalou or C'est arrivé près de chez vous (Man Bites Dog), another Belgian movie that scandalised people. Having said that I am not going to download it and watch it again beacause it is difficult to watch and quite unpleasant in parts, although the sequences where he tries to raise the piglets as his own children are quite funny. Of course, this humour is just there to relax the viewer for the final horrifying twist.

It should be common knowledge that there's no such thing as 'normal', we're all 'sick' in our own way. I'm sure right now even you are sitting on some dark secret that would cause others like you to brand you as sick or disturbed.

Give me one good reason why someone wouldn't want to be set down the path you describe, besides 'not getting a woman and reproducing.'

Here's an interesting scenario. A woman and a man both share interest in bestiality, they marry and they even have sex and have children. The man you're talking to may already have found a woman like this and is preparing to share his life with her, while you're still chasing close-minded highschool girls.

Anyway, humans have perversions of varying degrees, maybe fantasies of rape or bestiality, but that doens't mean those fantasies have to intertwine with our lives and the 'paths' we travel. Most of us who harbor perversions probably don't even think of or remember them through the day, until we're sitting at home by ourselves.

Your argument's been defeated, and you make yourself look like a fool. You shouldn't be opinionated until you have facts to base them on. "Bestiality is gross" isn't a fact. Neither is "You'll never get a woman". Try living with an open mind, if you can. The girl you're interested in now may even have a fetish you find gross.

Good day to you.
"it's more of a curiosity factor than a genuine fondness for the grotesque." same for me man
need seeders please...must view this for a thesis on shock cinema

I will say I agree with most of what you posted. But I do NOT think that I should be close minded because I refuse the accept beastiality as "normal." When a fantasy such as this becomes reality, it is nothing less than atrocious. If you condone a man having sexual relationions with an animal, then you also have to condone men sleeping with children. Ya know, since you did just say that perversions like this are normal. So... since I find child molesters to be monsters, and pig f*ckers to be repulsive, does this make me close minded? No, I don't think so! It makes me a person of moral values. Something you apparently lack.

See ya doll!!!
Thank God someone else made this film so I didn't have to...
More seeders please!


"If you condone a man having sexual relationions with an animal, then you also have to condone men sleeping with children."

Why? It doesn't make sense. Animals and children are not the same. Have you ever seen children riding your leg?

Children aren't sexually developed yet and can get seriously traumatized if they're molested. Mature animals on the other hand, are sexually developed and will want to have sex, unless they are neutered/spayed. Ofcourse they have sex with each other, but sometimes they see us as the same species.