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Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers (DVD - released 2006)
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2006-09-27 22:15:15 GMT

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This is a LEGAL copy of "IRAQ for SALE:  THE WAR PROFITEERS" by Robert Greenwald.

Why do I say it's a legal copy?  Because on the back of the DVD, he says "SHARE THIS FILM" and GIVE copies to co-workers (anyone in other words).  The DVD jacket is included as a scanned image, so you can see what I'm talking about.  Greenwald wants everyone on the planet to have this thing.

Of course, technically he might have just meant he wanted people to buy and share and give away copies but...  I'm sure he wants this to get out there.  So, COPY THE HELL OUT OF IT, BURN A ZILLION COPIES, SEND IT TO UNIVERSITIES, FRIENDS, EVERYONE!!!  GET THIS OUT BEFORE THE NOVEMBER 2006 ELECTION!


Please SEED SEED SEED this torrent.  Get the word out.  Sacrifice a little bandwidth to take our country back.


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Great, thnx for the share! Hopefully those bastards will pay for all this during the next elections!
Sorry foks, bur Satan....ehhh......Ups Sadam had to go.
It's NTSC. Maybe someone else can convert to PAL and put that one up.
Hey VikingZombi,

This has nothing to do with why we went to war or Saddam Hussein. It has to do with corrupt leaders, Dick Cheney's stock going through the roof, and greedy bastards who would rather line their own pockets than be either peaceful or conduct a war properly. The reason we didn't go in with enough troops, is so we could go in with over 100,000 (!) contractors. Watch the film and you'll understand why I'm sending it out.
got news for everyone, Bush/cheney are gone at the end of this election anyways. US has a two term limit policy on presidents and they're in their second one. furthermore, they ain't going anywhere for another 2 yrs. furthermore yet, people who have power use it to make more profit, thats just the way it is. Look at so damn stupid, he used his power for nothing but making more profit for himself. didn't see his people living like kings, or even 1/4 as good as people live in the states. About time the 'freedom' fighters realized having the US around can be a very good thing for all their people, let them help and let us all become friends and live peacefully. besides y'all are mostly killing your own people anyways, how stupid is that?
It's really not just about making money on the war and Saddam and WMDs had nothing to do with the neocon war. Neocons own document said that US needs a permanent presence in Iraq even though Saddam might pass from the scene, or if the relations would get better. A + Iraq is just the beginning.

Read about Project for the New American Century. You'll quickly understand what this so called war on terrorism is really about.

Iraqis say it OK to target American troops and about 80% want you out. So my question is: How are you going to win?

Perhaps that's not part of the goal at all. Read for instance Michael Ledeen quotes, he once for instance stated that destabilizing the region is perfect and that he wants total war with no efforts to put together clever diplomacy a la Office of Special plans. The children will sing great songs about us if we just go about our plans.... right. Imperialism is suddenly good?

The neoconservatives are MAD imperialist people. They will do whatever they possible can to further the wars. The only real problem they have that there's not enough military men and women wanting stand in the line of fire. And the effects of the New Pearl Harbor are diminishing, the clay is drying...
sorry guys, I gotta cut this down to about 20 leachers for a few days until there are more seeders. My default for azureus was 50 and I have two running on two different machines. So i'm going to crank it down to 10 each until I see at least about 5 more seeds. So guys and gals, please seed after downloading.
drayd, why don't you use a client that let super-seed? Then you won't have to cut down the number of leachers manually.
It should be "...the let you super-seed..."
Bamini: Er... although the US has a rather limited take on democracy they still hold other elections than those of the presidential office... like the 2006 Senate and House elections, which I believe are referred to above.
You really should stop and think before typing as your 'arguments' do very little to further your cause.
no english subs ? would have been nice for peoples outisde usa ! (it's easier to read than to listen)
Regarding the seeding... Sorry guys and gals. This is the first torrent I've ever posted. I'm using Azureus on Windows XP. What the most efficient way to get it out quickly so that seeding can start right away. Oh, wait, I think I understand. People start seeding immediately, right? But, if too many people are trying to all get it from the original source, then it will undoubtedly take longer for the first full copy to get out there, right? Also, if I have two PCs and one cable modem (with a router of course), is it best to just seed from one PC, or do both and split bandwidth? By the way, I just doubled my upload speed by paying an extra ten bucks a month to comcast so I can get this out quicker. (I can feel the NSA working their way towards me... and that's the whole point. This government has gone waaaay too far. This ain't the country I knew 5 years ago, and it ain't because of 9/11... it's because of the neo-jackasses.)
Typo: I meant to say "What is the most efficient way to get it out quickly so that seeding can start right away?"
We need more seeders, especially the person who posted it and anyone else that has 100% of the data.

I've now seeded 10:1 (uploaded 18.7GB/ downloaded 1.88GB) but can't even get to 50% because there isn't a complete copy being shared.

I'm providing the original of the Iraq for Sale DVD. I've narrowed it down to about 10 people, 7 of whom have about 70% downloaded. They should have complete copies within about a day. I'm only uploading at about 80 kB/s, so it's taking a while. When I first started, I had way too many people pulling it down, so it was slower then. I think I've got it optimized as much as I can more or less.


Oh, and once those 7 people have their complete copies, I'm going to open mine up again to more people at a time... etc, blah blah. wayneco, you must be on a fast network. I'm not.
Sorry guys. Like I said, this is the first time I've created a torrent and the first time I've used Azureus. So.... I just found the damn SuperSeeding checkbox!!! Hopefully things will speed up.
ok, almost there. a couple at 99 %. PLEASE SEED THIS after you get it! Thanks!!
The DivX version is whacked. One bad hash for a piece does not allow anyone to finish. Also, I think Pirate Bay people (bless their hearts) are working on the site because I'm having trouble uploading a fixed divx torrent and I'm having trouble downloading any other torrents.
it is few days since I am stock at 81% done status, would you please seed? only 1 seed shows and that is not available... Plz seed more