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LEXX (complete)
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2007-04-06 12:22:57 GMT
Tom Traubert

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I found this a while ago and noticed that it wasn't up here, and just thought that this so wonderfully weird TV-show could use a seed here. And I for one prefer when shows are put up in one complete single big torrent.

You may find it weird that each season has a different amount of episodes, but I checked it up and its supposed to be so.

Please, help me seed it... and enjoy!


Almost stalled now at 80% :?

Awesome series anyway! I felt so amazing shivers when watching the first episode again.. Last time I saw it was with the original running here in Finland some.. 10 years ago?

It's like.. Take the best of the actual sci-fi elements of Star Trek, Babylon 5 etc.. And cut all the unrealistic rule of rationalism, add some (realistic) violence, nudity, make it reflect REAL human mind in all it's bizarre filthyness.. And you have LEXX.
Thw whole series downloaded fine for me...I am so stolked I get to watch this again! What a weird show!
It took a couple of days to get but well worth it...took the time to seed as well
Aaarggh! The 647mb copy of 1.04 Giga Shadow cuts off the Lexx's recap at the beginning! :( Does anyone have a full copy?
Avast! found a trojan in 'Lexx-S02xE13-Twilight.avi'

Win32:Adloader-AC [Trj]

If this is a compilation of the seperate season torrents then I can confirm it is uncut and yes you get to see Eva Habermanns delicious tits in the shower scene in Supernova.
Shake your Lilly-White Ass buckaroo!
Thanks to the uploader and all the seeds.
Can someone please create a torrent with a FULL quality DVD rip? A 2TB hard drive cost $60 these days and I want to make good use of it!
Thank you. Love this show. :D
It exists a better version now, Google for 'Lexx season (n) AXN' and you will find russian torrents for the 4 seasons, dvdrip hq mkv (total 50GB), only caveat it has RUS sound as default, ENG ac3 is included in soundtrack 2..
@jartyk , I can't find said 50GB torrent..