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Vista Ultimate....Butchered again
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2007-04-08 21:08:53 GMT

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Hi all.

This is my 2nd edition of ULTIMATE

It was created using a x86 Retail Vista DVD.

I trimmed it down using vLite9.5 beta

Removed are:

Games(Nobody really plays they?)
Foreign Languages(non-english)1.1GB worth of bloat....need I say more
Media samples(kind of like getting rid of those stangers that look sooo good in your new picture frame you just bought)
Speech support(voice recognition prog)
Welcome Center
Accessibilty options(for visually, phyiscally & hearing impaired)
Natural language(speech recognition) search
Display drivers(Your screen won't be blank.You'll just have to install your vid card drivers to get full functionality out of it.)
Printer drivers(Cuts 788MB off your install. You can install your specific ones.If you've lost'em, they should be available from manu.web site)
Error reporting(Bill & Co. don't really need to know everytime you try to hack into their progs..No?)
Tablet PC(Enables you to write on the screen)but 429MB worth of bloat.
Windows Defender(just like ET.....phones home....but it's to pick you up and take you to the Crow-Bar Hotel)
WinSat(Gives your PC a hardware rating....just to let you know you need a new one)
Easy transfer wizard(It was time to sort through the garbage anyways. Backup your stuff like you already should have been doing)


Glass effect is forced(reason why most people want Vista anyway...No?)note: Your hardware must still support it.
UAC a.k.a. "The Greatest Annoyance of All Time" is disabled(but can be enabled if you choose to do so)
Hibernate is set to off on install(but, can also be turned back on)
Installation on system/w 256mb ram is enabled. But I'd like if someone could confirm this for me. I've had 2GB for the last 4yrs.

Instructions:1.Download this torrent.
             2.Burn the iso/w Alcohol 120%(nero works too)
             3.Insert DVD & sure your Bios is set to boot from DVD rom.
             4.Boot from disc when prompted(only this one time) I've heard of people try to boot from it multiple time during install/restart yadayada.
             5.Choose to install without a key & uncheck to automatically activate online box.
             6.When prompted, enter you user name,password & pick a silly picture for yourself.
             7.Choose your timezone. Congratulations.You now have a PC with one GIGANTIC virus on it. But it sure does look purdy.

As for cracks/activation...well I'm leaving that up to your choice. 

I personally like cLony's work. The All versions x86 x64 one or, the Vista All OneClick Activator.

The OEM activators aren't quite as easy to use, but they do work also.

Big thanx to vertigo173 (aka-GOD)


File list not available.


Comments are welcome. Please bear with me max upload is 120kb/s(including warden's cable connection)
hmm , nice work but is it stable like without your
i agree with your comments , Vista has tons of fucking garbage and all that call-home shit is also anoying...
thanx , gonna try this when my Vista installation is getting more unstable ;)

do u think it will work on a Pentium II with 320MB ram now? Dont really think so... does it?
Hello DaMoose74 , many many THANKS for this .
This one would be great to put in a 1.4 GB mini-DVD media .
And again , i like your extra comments also , very funny .
Yes Vista is a giant Spyware , because of the DRM/TC spyware in it . Hopefully someone releases a spyware remover for that .
But i will seed this one , and THANKS again for this .
Not that I don't think it's a good idea. But what would be the advantage to 1.4gb mini dvds? Also I left all the DRM/TC crap in it to keep it useful for the general user(s). Basically all I wanted to do was cut it down enough to make it a lighter download & install, while keeping it an almost full-functioning Vista Ultimate. Maybe I'll up an Anorexic version later.
If unnecessary/bloated stuff are taken out of vista, then size is usually above 700MB, so if it remains / can be kept less than 1.4GB , then it can be burned on a mini-DVD (mDVD) (1.4GB) instead of on a 4.7GB DVD (4.4GB) to save the 4.7GB discs for other bigger vista releases . Later if we need to , three of the mDVD stuff can be put into one DVD to have multi boot DVD . mDVDs are lighter, smaller, easy to carry . Negative sides are ... we need to place it exactly in the middle of the DVD drive tray carefully . Since all the data tracks are closer to the center where data bits are less amount than the outer tracks , comparatively little bit slower on data reading to DVDs, if DVDs have more than 1.4GB of data . But if dvd and mDvd both have less than or equal to 1.4GB data , then both are same speed (almost) . Can't add many many (multi) session due to the size limitation compared to a DVD . etc .
If the choice to enable and disable the DRM/TC stuff can be given to the hand of people then it would have been great and then vista can be called "legal" .
good one ... "Anorexic version" :)
build? 6000 ?
Yes its built from s retail dvd(build 6000)
You are all welcome. Cheerz.
Hi there thanks for your version,

How can I add a crack to this dvd so it runs then it runs the crack ?
the crack is clony's work so its a one click job, any ideas ?
cheers dude.
Hi there. I'm glad you like it. As for adding the crack to the disc, you might be able to extract all the files/folders from the disc to a temp folder and then put the crack in the temp folder also. Then create a new image/w alcohol or magic iso maker or some other image making prog. Haven't tried it yet. But it might work. BTW peeps. I installed every update after installing CLoNY's one-click activator and it never crippled anything. Cheerz.
hi im from the uk and it 02:34 aand i need a seed im at school on monday so please seed a.s.a.p thanks guys
wow thanks guys, ill seed, only goes up to 75k/s tho...
Does this DVD hav a 64-bit edition on it?
Please seed! I really don't want all that crap that's in the full Ultimate Edition....
Hard to believe this is still going. Anyone having problems with it? I haven't been using Vista for a while. XP still works great & has fewer compatibility issues with most of the apps I like to use. Waiting to see what kind of problems SP1 creates.
Can someone start seeding this please? I've been getting REALLY slow rates, thanks for the great upload
I sure wanted to try this, but not many peers in the swarm, and no seeders. Now, all the few peers are gone but one. This peer has 94.7% but never uploads. So, I am sitting inactive right now with no one else there and nothing left to download until that peer decides to share. Guess it will be awhile, if ever.

The real shame is that it has used up 22 hours of my weekend.

I'm attempting to seed this right now. Keep in mind this torrent is over a year old. I never dreamed it would be as popular as it has been. I guess the attraction is still the small download compared to some others. And no extra garbage has been streamed in....only stripped out. Good luck.
Thanx for all your help DaMoose74, really cool !!
0 seeders? =/
Why dont you just cut vistas fuckin head off it sucks so it will die and be a distant nightmare in my memories LOL