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The Sims 2 Bon Voyage [English][PC]
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2007-09-06 21:23:57 GMT
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Una nueva saga de uno de los simuladores que más adeptos ha ganado alrededor del mundo tiene prevista la salida de una nueva edición para el próximo 20 de septiembre. El título en cuestión es Los Sims: Bon Voyage, un producto que se podrá disfrutar a través de la plataforma que contará con la edición de Maxis y que en su desarrollo ha tenido el trabajo de los muchachos de Electronic Arts.

En esta oportunidad tendremos la chance de ir a recorrer tres destinos paradisíacos, en los que observaremos paisajes descomunales y conoceremos tanto a gente que reside allí, como así también a turistas. En estos escenarios, algo más amplios de los vistos con entregas anteriores, podremos probar la comida típica de esos lugares y también ver a grandes estructuras y monumentos culturales.

Las actividades a realizar cambiarán de acuerdo en que sitio nos alojemos, entre ellas tendremos excursiones de todo tipo, como paseos en imponentes barcos por ejemplo. Claro que, como todo turista, también estará la chance de comprar o adquirir objetos característicos de la región, pero para ello por supuesto será necesario contar con efectivo.


How about that multilanguage thing???? :)
I download this and installed it and in the neighbour hood and in game play the building are blinking y?
kteddycharms--your system does not meet system will be needing graphic card and possible more power supply for it as well as about 1gb of memory for it running smoothly.

sorry for bad english.
It's multilanguage?? Please answer!! ç___ç
is it in english?the guy(changoboy)doesn't seem to write english
Hi, I just finished downloading Bon Voyage, and now I need to install it onto my computer. I've tried extracting the .rar file... and now when I try to mount something I can't find anything TO mount? There's a crapload of files when I go in there, but I can't find anything when I try to mount.
Nevermind, I think I figured it out! :)

Thanks for the torrent.
i dont know what to do with all these files, what do i mount? please help!
Strange, when I mount it it doesn't autorun and when I run it manually nothing happens. o_o Help please. =)
Okay, downloaded this and the install went through just fine. Game froze at first and I was about to come here asking for help when I realized I hadn't updated my InTEENimator mod. ^^ So make sure all of your custom content is compatible with the expansion you're installing.

Once I updated that, everything went smoothly. This is a really great torrent, thank you changoboy for uploading and thank you to all the seeders who helped me get this in less than a day.

If you're having problems, all I would suggest is make sure your custom content is compatible and to definitely read all the previous comments. I see people asking questions already answered on earlier pages.
I have no idea if it is multilanguage, have just started to download this expansion. :)

But, even if it isn't - here is the link to change language. And it isn't that hard as it looks like. ;D
Please help me 'cause i have problems after install this expansion pack..

When i try to play Sims 2 the game freeze before EA logo. If i uninstall it, the game runs smoothly but with this expansion pack the game doesn't play..

I have Sims 2 Double Deluxe (GENUINE) with a lot expansion packs from Pirate bay (Seasons, Apartment Life, Pets etc).. :)
is this multilaguage?
Downloaded and works good :D and it is multilanguage
I hope it Works.
i got my Bon Voyage from Fallos . Or whatever and I need to insert a disc to it . I HOPE that yours work or Im slapping somebody no offense ..
ATTENTION: Look at page 1 of the comments for a walkthrough with extraction. You have to use Winrar.