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Rosetta Stone V3 "Language File Only"

Arabic Level 1

PS: Level 2 coming soon


Oh my holy jeez !
Who needs this?
meytipeyti > US soldiers in IRAK
can someone please SEED this? Im going to have level 2 and no level 1 haha.

So, with that being said, can someone please SEED

P.S. SEED...Seed....seeed. THANK YOU
how does this work, i have the image mounted and all i see is 4 folders
@ 3G0M4N14K

You did a good job of mounting the files, now all you need to do is install them.

Open Rosetta Stone, add language, and it should be able to read it.

If you have any questions, let me know.
"Oh my holy jeez !
Who needs this? "

Yeah, fuck learning.
anyone have an activation code?
whenever i try to play it in the program, it says "error 3217" or something...

level two works though...


for activation you must use a "patch".
search for your version's exclusive patch here on TPB.
I have already arabic level 1 but its for version 2...

is there any new change? should I download this again?
this is random but...does anyone else have a problem with screen six of the third lesson (grammar) of the first section? It wont display properly and I cant figure out why...
please seed! Pretty please with cherries on top!
I'm having the same problem as type909....

slide 6 on lesson 1 grammar is not displaying any activity

ive downloaded this and rosetta stone v3 along with a patch but can someone tell me how to add the language to the software???
Ok, i got this language pack onto the Roestta Stone Program but i don't know where to find the activation code so that i can access the entire lesson, kinda hard to speak arabic when i can't learn how to speak it everywhere i go......
Has anyone seen greek for v3?
thank you for the up

hopefully i can learn enough to qualify for foreigh language proficiency in the military with this :)
Avira found this inside: EXP/Flash.Gen "EXP/Flash.Gen is a generic detection routine designed to detect the exploitation of a remote code execution vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. It was developed in order to detect unknown variants of malicious Flash content and will be continuously enhanced if needed." If anyone if its a false positive or really a threat, please comment.
Im a Marine shipping to Iraq, i need this. but all i see is folders, i already mount it but nothing happens
Hello everybody, Rosetta Stone V3 is a perfect program for learning languages- I'll be grateful for having Rosetta Stone V3 TURKISH here. If smb. has it please upload to TNX :)