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school mate eng illusion
2009-02-12 12:43:40 GMT
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This is full SchoolMate by ILLUSION

It is already modded, in english and ready to play.
With this you only need to install it and it's ready to play.
There is no "download this, patch this", just follow these simple instructions:

Install latest directX (incase you don't have it)
Install .NET Framework (incase you don't have it)
Install SchoolMate

WARNING: Some antivirus software may flag one exe file as virus/trojan but this is false warning! The exe i'm talking about is "sm_cha_eng.exe" and it is part of the addon characters mod.


The VirusTotal:

Here is what i did:

Downloaded the original
Modded it (unsencor, english, etc)
Created new installer using InstallShield
Created simple autorun
Made iso so it can be burned to dvd or mounted using your favorite cd/dvd emulation soft

I also included all the backups of the modded files

This install and game has been tested on PC running XP PRO SP3 so i can't guarantee, that it will run on vista but it shuld.

Please note, that my upload is only 25KB/s so be patient and help me seed.
If there is enough seeds, i will upload my other ILLUSION games also ;)


The Reason i ask is because the only thing i want to change is the ani character hair mod u have already in and update it to last version(5.0) with new characters as well as follow the new translations and the ones to come!
thanks for the update!I tried the translation and it worked like a charm!The Wizzard was the only way i could make it work!So about the Ani-Character 5.0e i also extracted and used the setup and Encountered the same problem as u(smp00_00.pp was missing) but i haven't tried to copy paste it manually so i'm gonna try ur solution and post back!One thing to ask though:U just runed the setup without modifying any files from the installation>?I am talking about the Schoolmate.exe and Schoolmate English Version.Exe
Did u have to make any changes like renaming those or something similar or u just runed the setup and copy paste smp00_00.pp manually ?
Hi Randompirate ! Could you upload Homemate ?
300KB/s ..Not Bad! Keep seeding please.
Wow. You responded so fast.
By the way, where can I get the full translation for this game? On the prologue for the 2nd girl some japanese characters come up..
The story is kinda funny, I really wanted the game to be 100 % english.
Over the past year i've seen some quality seeding from you Randompirate, thank you very much. :)
The setup went fine but when I tried to play it I hear the music but I don't see any visual of it. The screen is just black. I've tried reinstalling without antivirus and that didn't work. I use Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. Please help.
Hi there, I just downloaded the game and succesfully installed it everything is working perfectly except I'm having trouble with the translations, none of the chapters can be read =( All I see are symbols and I have to skip everything and I wanna know whats going on xD
Anyone know what's happened? Thanks :D
Hi, thanks for the upload...
I have a problem...
1. I installed and I can see the intro anda images but the screen doesn't show me the CURSOR of the mouse.
2. How can I save the game?
3. The keyboard has a function?

Thanks for your time.
Great game, thanks!!!
I will seed for a long time
My game only shows a white screen when I try to play, please help. It still makes noises.
hey pirate and untiliamgone, i actually had the damned hair mod working for one instance..then after that it never worked again. i copied that smp file (and a few other files that it couldnt find) and pasted them into the respective folders. started up the hair color mod and i was like sweet it works, but then when i went to actually try it out i could not bring the program up again. it acts like it wants to start up but it doesnt actually start up. i hope we can fix this problem because it is a great mod for a great game. btw pirate, do you think youll ever upload custom girl? (any of them though latest version is preferred)
hey pirate i actually got that hair mod working,through a bunch of manually copying and pasting bullcrap, but it would only actually change yumes hair and it wouldnt change it to anything else but langen hair(i forget her actual name, chick with red hair and see thru pink stockings,black short, flame bra) and it would crash whenever i tried certain outfits. also the titty slider (tit re-sizer) wouldnt work.i can tell you how i got there if youd like, lemme know and we could email each other or something, in case youd like to work on it.for now though i give up and im just gonna try and be content on this amazing game you brought to us. thank you.
ok well guess what. i had the damn thing working perfectly this time, the translation even came up and it was great nothing crashed. but i can only open the damn program once! after i have it up,choose the hair mods,apply and then exit, it never opens up again.i have no idea how to fix that problem because it literally just doesnt start up. it doesnt say "error" or anything, no messages really like some feedback cuz im pretty close to cracking this whole thing.i had to get some of the files from a different hair mod uploader, its the same mod and all except it has all the files that the program will tell you it cannot find. thyat part is simple. i just have no idea on how to make it run again and i hate having to reinstall the damn thing and yadda yadda just to only be able to pen it once. would be great if we could have this IN GAME but thats probably really hard or sum shit. im not a modder i just know simple basic computer shit.
whenever I try to install I get a virus warning about something called artemis is it something I should worry about or do I have to report about this?
Yeah, so?
You're awesome man, keep em coming!
Ok unless I'm doing something wrong, the gay guy's voice doesn't work and the beggining is English. Once I get to the part where I pick a girl and I work on her and go through her story its all gibberish
seed please
@Untiliamgone or anyone else

Could you please explain me how to patch it right way? Translation and Hair-Mod Col

I tried the offcial hongfire patch but it kept crashing the game..

so could someone contact me on skype or e-mail .. just write at comment section either of em or directly answer here.
Could someone post instructions on what to do to or provide a link where someone might have already to make the game fully English since it's not, like it was advertised? Being teased with an English intro to the story then gibberish later on kind of irritates me.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks 4 the tor :D Go on, man!