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ILLUSION Artificial Girl 3 FULL ENG
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illusion ag3 Artificial Girl 3
2009-03-08 11:43:18 GMT
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ILLUSION Artificial Girl 3 

Please read info below to avoid any stupid questions!


Another my ILLUSION game (final one), this time Artificial Girl 3. I had to remake the iso due some little mistake i made and now the final size is 6.97 GB. I created new installer for this game (InstallShield 2009) and simple autorun to make it easier for you.
Then created iso so it can be burned or mounted using your favorite software.
Installer and all files are scanned with NOD32 (database version 3843)

This torrent includes:

* AG3ENG.iso (MD5: 4e94665690cd85212336dddf3e09701e )
* some screenshots (read below)
* Instruction how to make this iso from DVD9 to standard DVD5 in case you do not like DVD9


This is one of the most unique and advanced adult game. You can create your own female characters as you want.
You can not only customize the way she looks in every way, but also her personality: how she acts, what she likes, what she don't like, etc. It's a pretty complicated game so be sure to read wiki if you have no idea how to play this game!

This game install includes:

Artificial Girl 3
Artificial Girl 3 Privilege Disc
Artificial Girl 3 Hannari
Artificial Girl 3 Hannari Privilege Disc

Official Clothes Add-On(s):
Esk & Bael
Pants Festival (All 29 models)

Mods and tools:
Illusion Wizzard with 21 "ready to install" mods

Offline Guides from WIKI

After install, the game is fully playable (in english, unsencored).


1. Mount or burn the AG3ENG.iso using your favourite software 
2. Install DirectX (incase you haven't already)
3. Install .NET Framework (in case you haven't already)
4. Install Artificial Girl 3
5. Read documents (wiki)
6. Enjoy


This time i decided to make some screenshots from the game itself. I created 3 characters:

Agnes2 (the first Agnes version was a total bitch so i made second better version)

Also for fun i gived each one a "blood related" (sister-brother relationship) trait ... i thought it was funny.
Then loaded them all into my created world. It was boring at first but then they all got horny and started to rape my character over and over again (oh noes!!!!). 

I made some screenshots of the moments i thought was funny.
Also these screenshots should give you overall view some of the game possibilities.

Screenshots also available in online gallery:

IMPORTANT: this torrent will be seeded with 2 PC-s. The connection is slow for both of them so this will be long download. If you finally get the file, please don't just leech and run ... help me seed for a while. 
While i upload this, all my other uploads will be on hold.
My other ILLUSION game uploads:

So please be patient, help me seed when you get the file.
If you have any questions, ask here and I'll try my best to answer.



Hey im trying to download the game with Mirro but it doesnt work, can someone please help me out? rly want this game
I'm getting a repeated error on install:

Feature: Artificial Girl 3
Component: AG3_datadir
Error: Not ready.

Has anyone encountered something similar, and found a way to fix it?
Installing under Windows 2000 seems to have fixed the problem. How? I don't know. But I'm not complaining.
soooo baddddd i espected more from this game,wasetd my time

I had the same problem but now for no reason it downloads the files normally.
if you just see this torrent and go wow cool!

DONT, this is an incredibly bad game, bad graphics, bad performance and terrible game-play.

but hey if you have unlimited bandwidth, then its no big deal.
- does not work in Fullscreen !
- Windows 7 64 bit
- any idea┬┤s ?
hey guys, iam trying to download this now, can people please seed again? i will do the same once its downloaded, thanks for reading :)
Wow had this going at an insane 400kb/s (back to a more reasonable 100+ number). Thanks seeders, fully plan to seed this when I get it (hopefully I can get it to work).
Seed, please! I'm downloading it at less than 10kb/s and has only 29 seeders.
for the time being i am seeding this torrent to help out a bit.

Game performs fine. This was made when Pentium processors were still relevant.

As for the graphics, download mods if they're not to your liking.
Please remember to seed guys.
Is it just me, or are none of the seeders connecting? I've got about 100 leechers and no seeders.
The won't open nor copy.. Can anyone please help me? I really wanted to play this game and I spent a lot of time downloading this. I can't just re-download. Please, are there any solution?
Does anyone has issues with and found the solution? Please I really wanted to play this game.. :(
Downloaded and can't find any of the expansions. Bullshit.
I've been troubleshooting for hours. I've been able to work this before on Windows 7, but I just got a new computer with Windows 8.1. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. It will open and bring me to the menu, but I can't load characters or enter into the game. I can only display characters and exit. I've gone through almost every compatibility setting. I've tried using applocale, only to get errors. Does this just not work with 8.1? Is there any solution that might help me? I'll probably try using a virtual machine next. Hopefully that might work.
I've downloaded and installed it corretly, but when i try to run the exe nothing happens, pls help
Damn! I forgot how shit this game is. :P
Hey I was able to download it very fast, and will be seeding every time I can. But I have one problem: I got the files from WinRar, but when I open Autorun, it fails to launch and only shows a
'Can't launch C:Users...DISK1setup.exe