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The Proposal [HDRip.4.iPod] -- VoV
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vov ipod comedy romance drama sandra bullock ryan reynolds love
2009-09-27 01:46:20 GMT
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The Proposal

Common File Information
Source / Type........: 720p HD Blu Ray Rip (iNFAMOUS)
Compatibility........: All iPods & iPhones / Zune / X-Box 360 / PS3 / etc.
Video Format.........: H.264
Video Resolution.....: 853 x 352 (640x352 Container)
Video Frames/Second..: 23.98
Video Bitrate........: 1.39 Mbps
Audio Format.........: AAC-LC
Audio Bitrate........: 160kbps
Audio Sampling.......: 48kHz
Audio Channels.......: Stereo
Genre................: Comedy > Romance > Drama
Poster Art...........:
Screen Shots.........:
IMDb Links...........:
IMDb Description.....: A pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada.

I'm not really a fan of Sandra Bullock, but I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds.  So I actually saw this in the theater with my fiancee and we both enjoyed it quite a bit.  It's a bit of a stereotypical romantic comedy, but if you're a fan of either Sandra or Ryan, it definitely has some hilarity to it.

For fans of my uploads, look forward to Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen (HDRip) tomorrow.  I'm almost finished downloading the 720p now and I'll be converting it as this uploads.  So enjoy this little romantic comedy while we all wait.

1.  Oddly enough, Sandra Bullock is an American, but Ryan Reynolds is Canadian.
2.  In what would have been a much funnier and better film, Julia Roberts was originally hired to play the lead, but she wouldn't take a cut in her normal fees (which are astronomical), so Sandra was hired instead.

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