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Family Guy S08E20 (Something Something Something Dark Side) Xvid
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Family Guy S8E20 Something Som
2009-12-11 05:57:53 GMT

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The new "Something Something Something, Dark Side" episode of Family Guy WITHOUT the fucking RAR files. 

Thanks to Cancain, the original uploader!

Anyway, 10 days earlier then the DVD release in USA so that's a nice Xmas gift.

Enjoy everyone!


The real deal!
Thanks Roxtec,I've been waiting for this one
I was wondering how they skipped from S08E08 to S08E20?
According to the guide I saw, this IS #20, and it's not supposed to air until May 10th. Hence everyone's shock at it being released SIX MONTHS early!

I've watched this one now. It's 100% legit, and it's absolutely hilarious.
Yeah the episode is going to air in May, but it's coming out on DVD next week. That's how it's out so early
Protect the content? If you knew anything about "BitTorrent", you'd know it contains more error-checking than a RAR file does, and packaging in a RAR is pointless: All it does is reduce the number of seeds as people don't want to keep both the RARed and the unRARed version on their drives, make fakes harder to spot, and increase the time it takes to get to your files. I understand the need with other distribution methods, but RARing up torrents is stupid at best.
Yes, There is conflicting information as to the episode number. If anyone does know the official number quoted by Fox, let me know!

And Houseofwax, gTPB42 is correct, Bit Torrent uses hash checking to ensure the correct pieces are in place to form the file, plus TCP has built-in checksum to ensure against payload corruption. It would appear you no nothing about "BT" or "The Internet".
Great up many thanks! Ultra fast DL as well, holding a constant DL speed of 1.3 mb/sec!
This episode is to be aired on Sunday the 16th of May, as Season 8, Episode 21. However, it's also going to be sold as a DVD the 22nd of this month.

Thnxs for the upload, not the best episode but quite fun.
I'm new to Torrenting and I dont understand somethings with RARs files : Why using them and how can I watch the clip when it's RARed...
Please write me a private message, so I can read your response. Plz don't answer with a comment. Thx
wtf is "the scene?"

.rar files are generally looked down upon in torrent communities because they are frequently used by spammers to conceal their spyware masquerading as tv and other legit files. many virus scan programs cannot properly scan the contents of .rar files or identify threats effectively.

in other words:

Roxtec's torrent 8===D~~ ~ x_O you
quality upload and great seeders (very, very fast)
thank you Roxtec =)
gtpb42 you dont have to keep both files after you unzip it and seed for a while just delete the rar file if not even a gig is killin you to keep get a bigger hard drive lol
I have to agree with the RAR's being a pain in the butt. I appreciate the scene, and everyone that works hard to create and seed this great stuff... I really do.... BUT rar's are a *@#$* pain in the ass, plus they reduce seeders.

When getting a tv show or movie, especially when many GB's, you don't keep the actual movie file AND the rar's just sitting around to eat up HD space, you delete the RAR's, then the seeding stops (RAR=Less seeds)
@B-RaDiCal - The torrent poster is wrong and so are you as well.

Check (I always use to track my favorite TV series to make sure I miss nothing). You'll see this is actually S08E21.

To those wondering where the other episodes went, here is how this works:

This episode is being released direct-to-DVD on December 22 2009 (just in time for Christmas!).
This episode is being aired on FOX on May 16 2010.

Episodes 10 to 20 will be airing after the holidays just as normal from January to May. You haven't missed anything.

So basically everyone needs to understand that this is a DVD rip, not a TV rip! The torrent poster should have put the post as "DVD rip" instead of "S08E20" and that would have probably saved all this trouble and arguments.

The 3 episode series where Stewie went to San Francisco and met his future self is another example of a episode (well in this case 3) that was released on DVD well before airing on TV.

On the bright side, being a DVD rip, it's uncensored ("fuck" is said so many times in this episode) and it may actually contain additional scenes that won't be on the TV version. I won't be able to confirm this until I see the TV version to compare, but the first "Blue Harvest" episode had about 3 extra minutes on DVD, so I would think there's a good chance for this episode too.

So enjoy everyone, I've watched this twice already in the past 3 days and it is hilarious!
What a cock!
There's not much scene torrenting done through usenet!!:rollseyes:
is this epsode 9 & 10? seeing that is 349 mb

If you want to seed, you have to have the rar'd version. To watch you have to have the unrar'd version. See the problem yet? It's not a problem for me from a space point of view, but it's simply annoying and serves no purpose.

Video files are already highly compressed because of the video codecs used, it's annoying as it takes longer to get to the files, masks the actual content, and had no real benefit.

Don't defend the use of RARs.
OK so we all agree that is Ep 21 then?
You do not have to have the rar'd vesion to seed, I am seeding this unrar'd version right now. Therefore, logic would conclude that there is no reason whatsoever to rar this, or any other bittorrent file. As for the show- great quality, liked it.
thanks. works great. uncensored.
roxtec, is this a good copy of something something dark side?
lol jk roxtec ik its a good copy by the comments posted. plus on my rapid utorrent 2.2 upgrade, torrents download faster!!!!!!!!!!! is this really unsencored? i mean, really, is it unsencored?
heck yeah!!!! good torrent and it only took an hour to complete! lol =D