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2010-05-02 12:05:19 GMT
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date: May 02nd, 2010
type: CAD
size: DVD1 57x50mb, DVD2 49x50mb, DVD3 54x50mb


Autodesk Revit Structure building information modeling (BIM) software for structural
engineering provides purpose-built tools for structural design and analysis
With the advantage of BIM, Revit Structure helps to improve multi-discipline
coordination of structural design documentation, minimize errors, and enhance
collaboration between structural engineering and architecture teams
DVD1: Autocad Revit Structure Suite 32Bit - 64Bit
DVD2: Autocad Structural Detailing 32Bit for Revit Structure Suite
DVD3: Autocad Structural Detailing 64Bit for Revit Structure Suite


Unpack, burn or mount with D-Tools & install
Check Crack/install.txt on DVD1

No Lame Patching, no problems with updates, no problems exporting
to a "legal" version, no trial patched, no files modified etc
The one and only way to do it - KEYGEN - fully activated


NB: We DO NOT ALLOW anyone to use our files or cracks for any purpose
Just for the record, our files and cracks got hidden tags
So to all those punk heads packing our keygen with leaked uncompleted trials
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And what's that group nanozipping Deployment pre-configured images
as 0day releases. Dont you have skills do do a real rip, rebuilding the cabs
and fixing the ishield insaller ? Maybe we should do it
We miss the good old days, when it was quality over quantity.


to the uploader, GREAT WORK man.

i want to ask you, its called .... Structure, But i guess Architecture version is inside ,right ?
Thanks for the upload, but during the install, I got this error "the file'/download/2011RST/Content/.cab' could not be downloaded. The server replied with error code 0"
How do I go ahead with the install?
guys wenn u whrite a comment say if its good or if it shit how hard can it be ? is this revit structure or revit architecture?
For anyone wondering, it's the real deal. Although the picture says Revit Architecture, it's in fact Revit Structure Suite and everything works like a charm. Thanks Stun for a great upload!
So if I have windows 7 64Bit, I need only download DVD1 and DVD3 right?
Thanks for uploading.
I can't install :-(
I'm supposed to "insert disk 11"
I tried everything, any suggestions?
Thanks in advance
x86 version worked great. It had a cabinet error on the initial install, but on startup it installed properly. Top notch work, uploader!
Has anyone found a keygen to work with revit 2011? any help would be appreciated
Trying to use the Keygen: After the installation process, A-Revit does not generate a request. Click on the link for licensing info, and there is a key there, but it's too short: if you use it in the Keygen, 2 blocks (2 x 4 characters=8 characters) are missing, and it won't activate. What am I missing? Thanks.
I have exakly the same problem like "noivan" 8 characters are missing. what to do?!?
Looks like the one Stun'd here Sorry. I had to follow the instructions EXACTLY, and activation worked. If you get an "activation failed" error, you have to close the program, AND the keygen, the start again. In the words of Elmer Fudd, "Be vewy vewy cawful" when putting in the response code. It's a pain, but worth the effort since I have 1 stinkin' job to do in RevIt and will never use it again. Thanks Stun.
I should also say that there WILL be two vacant boxes in the response code area. In fact, if you enter spaces, it'll go on for a looooong time. Just ignore the other two boxes despite what 1 respondent said and put spaces in there...that's a recipe for...starting over!
Excellent, Good Job!

Install and works like a charm