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Chase down criminals as a heroic police officer, battle blazes as a daring
fire fighter or save injured victims as a paramedic. Turn your siren on
and watch traffic pull aside as you speed through the vast 3D Matchbox
County. Watch for shortcuts as you complete different missions to become
the fire chief, medical doctor or police chief.


- Save the day as a police officer, fire fighter or paramedic,
 three different roles in one game! 

- Explore the vast 3D Matchbox County including secret locations and

- Over 40 different missions to complete on your way to becoming a
 fire chief, police chief or medical doctor.

- Use your police car, fire truck or ambulance and jump into action,
 each vehicle has different speed, handling, and heroic powers! 

- Speed through Matchbox County, turn on your siren and watch traffic
 pull aside for you.

Extract Archive With Winrar Or 7zip etc.........

Then Mount Image Or Burn To CD

Install The Game And Play


Use Windows 95 Compatibility Mode To Play The Game


please help seed :)
Make a damn pack with your games.
hey man! don't be a dick to the uploader! he doesn't have to give you (or anyone) shit! so be nice! thanks djdevastate
repacks will come in time just be patient im busy with so many games at the minute i just aint got the time plus being a lone parent with 2 girls aged 1 and 3 i do a miracle just getting these games to ya
Why are you that pissed off like that? I'm just only saying that a big pack with these little games would be much more easy for everyone. djDEVASTATE would seed just the pack, and everyone would take exactly what they need from there. But that's just my opinion, do as you like.
i will stick to the way im doing it now it got me a green skull after all and if there are games you are after leave requests in my latest torrents and ill upload them for you
part of your comment quote
"djDEVASTATE would seed just the pack, and everyone would take exactly what they need from there. But that's just my opinion, do as you like. "

if i did that mate i would be the only person seeding 100% of the torrent.
i ask people to seed because if i get a hard drive failiure or a bad virus then these torrents will be lost and all my work with it ive looked at your user profile and noticed that you have never uploaded a torrent if you want to make packs of my torrents and upload them feel free to do that it might earn you a skull you never know
please someone seed im stuck at 42% from over a month ago.