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Beat Hazard Update 1.4
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Beat Hazard Update Arcade Space Shooter
2010-05-02 14:07:19 GMT
esharoth VIP

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Description: Beat Hazard Update to 1.4. Changelog:
- Added Low Visual Intensity Option to Difficulty Select Screen
- Added Windowed and Screen Rez Options to Options Screen
- Added File Browser Nav keys: Page Up/Down, Home/End, and Backspace to go back a folder
- Added File Browser Nav buttons for game pad: Bumper buttons to page up and down, X to go back a folder
- Fixed File Browser Freeze
- Tags are now not loaded automatically for folders with more than 50 files

1) Install to your Beat Hazard folder, overwriting the older file;
2) Run the game as normal. 



If you have the non-steam version of Beat Hazard, don't apply this update. It will make the game look for a steam_api.dll. If you have Steam installed, it will check to see if you a valid Steam account and game purchase.
Is dogmeat telling the truth? Feedback anyone?

After i fresh install that and apply this update, the game runs without problems.

Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

No viruses, don't believe anyone that say otherwise. Or ignore me and don't update, either way it doesn't effect me.
Oh and after you update you should download the beat hazard fix so you can save.

This one doesn't fix the saving issue.
Yeah, don't download this update, won't work, it will ask for that ".dll" D0gmeat said about.
Don't listen to em. It worked for me so it works for everyone >:O!
Works perfectly with the non steam version of the game and the fix. I've got Win Vista 32 bit
does not work for me , sorry guys
Works perfectly with the Beat Hazard update IF you have Steam installed, if not, just grab steam.dll from here: and stuff it in the BH folder.
need the m4a patch too plz