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Unsolved Mysteries Disc 9
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unsloved mysteries disc 9
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Only murder, wanted and unexplained deaths..real crime stuff.
The quality is very poor. Old vhs tapes which has been compressed into small file size. Typical vhs noise on most.

Time: About 6 hours

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Disc 9
- Steve Wilson - kills his father-in-law and is sentenced to prison where he later escapes.
- Charles Morgan - was found dead of a shotgun blast to the head while wearing a bulletproof vest. Family is sure he was murdered and is curious as to his double life he seemed to have been leading.
- Dennis Keith Smith murders his sister and is later paroled. Then years later when a woman turns up missing after have last being seen with Smith he is the prime suspect in her disappearance.
- Franklin Delano Floyd is in jail for kidnapping Michael Hughes from his school. Franklin claims Michael is his son (which turned out to be false) and also claimed that Michael's deceased mother "Sharon Marshall" was his daughter until he turned around and married her. Police are searching for Michael and the true identity of his deceased mother.
- Susan Harrison went missing. Her sons suspect her current husband of being involved considering the very stormy relationship they had.
- Jim Burnside is wanted for the murder of his estranged wife Annette.
- John Roubas is an international drug kingpin who supposedly died in a car fire but police suspect he faked his own death.
- Victor Manuel Gerena was an armored car driver when he stole
$7 million from his employers. Police found out he belonged to the group Los Macheteros and are searching for him.
- Grandpa & Milk Carton Bandit - Police are searching for these two bank robbers with some unique MO's.
- Rohrey Wychgel is searching for the person(s) who shot and paralyzed him while he was at his home.
- Mario Amado is found dead in a Mexican prison while vacationing from the US. He had been in an argument with his girlfriend and was detained and Mexican authorities claim it was a suicide but evidence proves otherwise.
- Bike Path Rapist is terrorizing women in New York and has killed at least one. Searching for him.
- RS profiles 10 missing persons cases
- Michael Francke is found murdered. He had been hired to reform the Oregon prison system and was possibly going to implicate government corruption.
- Michael Fagan is searching for his son whom his wife abducted and he fears may have put up for adoption.
- Bo Tanner was a self styled preacher who claimed to be the recipient of death threats, vandalism and arson. His wife later found out he was a bigamist and police think he may have been responsible for the crimes.
- Special Alert: Joseph Krantz, Martha Roberts. Joseph Krants is wanted for the murder of his wife. Martha Roberts has been kidnapped. *Update: Martha Roberts' family and friends are receiving ransom demands.
- 150th case solved: Tony Miller. Miller is released after a prosecution witness calls the telecenter resulting in the 150th case UM has helped solved.
- Scott Hill was a wealthy man who seemingly had everything but then vanished leaving his family a note saying it was due to financial problems. They want him to come home.
- NO serial killer - A serial killer in New Orleans seems to be targeting prostitutues.
- Sal Guardado is wanted for killing his girlfriend, Sally Garrity, and assaulting her grandmother.
- Baskins update shows an antique store where the 4 were last confirmed to have been seen.
- Jill & Julie Hanson both die due to a house fire and their brother Donny was a suspect but later acquitted of the crime.
- NBC episode 11/16/88 - Christi Nichols, Update-Gayle Delano, Mark Adams, Steven Cox, Special Alert: Barbara Jean Horn.
- NBC episode 4/12/89 - Dexter Stefonek, Mexican folk healer scam, Update: Dan Willans heirs found, "Fumbles" bank robber, Michael Wade Mohan, RS profiles wanted fugitives.
- NBC episode 7/15/89 - Thieves dig underground tunnels to rob businesses, Tom Sawyer & Kristle Merzlock claim to have experienced life after death, Update: Steve Hadley captured, *Walter Wenke & Ronald Enzlo, Perman Gilbert.
- RS interview with Jennifer Pratt - rarely shown interview conducted by RS on the 3rd anniversary special where he talks with Jennifer.

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If you need more information or want to discuss the cases you can do it on this excellent forum [url][/url] 
Special thanks to crystaldawn who is a UM genius.