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This is a compilation of different sources of stuff for MSX-1 and MSX-2 home computers.

MSX were 8-bit home computers developed by ASCII and Microsoft in Japan. MSX begun producing in 1983 year, MSX-2 in 1985 year. Many big companies ( produced their models of this computer: Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, etc. These computers were popular in Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, France, USSR, but almost not known in USA. More than 1500 games were made for it, but many of them have no English language versions. From 1988 year 8-bit computers and MSX specifically loose interest to them, being exceled by 16-bit computer systems becoming cheaper. There were sold about 5 million MSX in the world, quantity comparable to Apple II and Atari ST, and more then Amstrad CPC.

=Technical specifications=

MSX-1 (1983 г.): CPU Zilog Z80A 3.58 MHz; RAM to 64 KB; videochip TI TMS9918, 16 KB, 256x192x16 colors (palette 16 colors), hardware 1-color sprites; 40x24 text; soundchip AY-3-8910, 3 channels + noise; ROM with BASIC; cartridge slot for programs and expansions.

MSX-2 (1985 г.), difference from MSX-1: RAM 64-128 KB (in common); videochip Yamaha V9938, 128 KB, 512x212x16 colors, 256x212x256 colors (palette 512 colors, no influence to near pixels; 256 colors mode was not used in games, in common), hardware 16-color sprites; 80x24 text; clock chip; 100% hardware compatibility with MSX-1; ordinary, had a built-in 720 KB floppy drive. As an addition many users installed MSX-MUSIC cartridge expansion. MSX-2 have the best graphics capabilities among 8-bit home computers (among 8-bit platforms Sega Master System is close).

Some games were ported from ZX Spectrum to MSX-1 and look the same ugly as at Spectrum. Games that were specially developed for MSX-1 and especially MSX-2 look with a noticable difference.

To know more about this platform and how to use emulators you may read the FAQ (

=The compilation includes=

Funet (, - documents, photos, games, programs, etc.
MRC ( - news, music, demos, programs, etc.
Passion MSX ( - news, demos, music, games, programs, games translations, etc.
MSX Info ( - documents, programs
MsxIsland ( - games, documents, programs, music, demos, etc.
Xtory MSX ( - games, programs, etc.
MSX TOSEC ( - games, diskmagazines, bioses
Gamebase MSX ( - games with screenshots
MCCM Millennium- games, programs
MSX-Mbox ( - games with screenshots
MSX No-Intro ( - games
GoodMSX ( - games
MsxSolutions ( - games maps
Neonnights ( - games maps
MSX IPS Patch Archive ( - patches for .roms wich add translation to games
Generation MSX ( - games info and screenshots
OfflineList MSX ( - games info, some with screenshots
Ultimate MSX FAQ ( - FAQ about MSX
Komkon (, - programs, games, documents
MsxPro ( - documents, programs
MSX Assembly ( - documents, sources
Bifi (, - documents, programs
Adrianpage ( - programs
Nyyrikki ( - programs
Msx Banzai ( - news, programs
Lieves!Tuore ( - site of demo-group Lieves!Tuore
Bandwagon (http://gr.ath_cx/bandwagon) - site of demo-group Bandwagon
Team Bomba ( - site of demo-group Team Bomba
Abyssmsx ( - programs, demos
Amusement Factory ( - programs
Avelino Morales Page ( - sources
FRS ( - games adopted for hard disk
JJC Software ( - programs, documents
MSX Files ( - programs, games
Vincent van Dam ( - programs
MSX forever ( - programs, games
Homepage by cax ( - programs
MSX Page by Secoh ( - sources
PC Remakes ( - remakes of MSX games
MSX Music - chiptune music
Revistas MSX en espanol ( - index of games in Spanish magazines
MSX Magazines (, etc.) - magazines about MSX
MSX Books (http://msxlivros.blogspot_com, etc.) - books about MSX
MSX Video - video about MSX
Emulators - emulators
Almost MSX - stuff for computers similar to MSX (same CPU and video)
Different - simply different

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Alien 8 (
A1 Spirit (
Penguin Adventure (
AE (
Athletic Land (
La Geste d'Artillac (
Putup (
Silviana (
Nemesis 2 (
Camelot Warrior (
Penguin Kun Wars 2 (
Knight Mare (
Zanac (
Space Manbow (
Twinkle Star (
F-1 Spirit 3D (

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Hello everyone. This really works!
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Now I'll spend some time validating files, according to checksum information in the openMSX and blueMSX the data files.

In the past, I downloaded over 18GB of files. But after to work very hard to eliminate the duplicate files, I reduced the collection to 4 GB for now.

Finally, after obtaining this collection, I will do the final check and, who knows, I can upload a definitely well cataloged collection!
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