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Guns N' Roses - Sao Paulo 2010 DVD
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Guns N' Roses - Sao Paulo 2010 DVD

audience shot


quality is ok, but HIGHLY NOT RECOMENDED, axl is fat now, and is the only remaining member, really doesnt sound like GnR, at all, i think its actually a most embarrising and most horrible show/performance, sad to try to watch, i couldnt.
And now, after ive seen this, its even hard to listen to any of the past albums that i loved and enjoyed so much, because i am reminded of this horrible show. Wish i wouldnt have seen even the few minutes here and there that i did. wrecked me for life, sucks horrible,
IF YOUR A FAN, DONT WATCH THIS!!! and keep your good memories. Sure wish i wouldnt have.
well after reading this statement from axl, posted on his site at ""
it helps me to understand a tad bit about the situation, especially when i try and put myself in his mindset of the entire situation. Being a guitarist/musician, not a front man or singer/entertainer, I do truely honestly hope that guns moves forward musically, and stays strong.
And with hopes and blessing, that maybe in the future, we may see something special, from this newly created band of the same name.
And when that happens and others see and understand it, or realize, that this is part 2, a new band, with the same old name, a new venture, then guns will once again shine on. I do hope that day comes. But i still think that this just sucks. Just my opinion, that i am allowed to have