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House Full 2010 Hindi Pre-DVDRip XviD E-SuB xRG
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House Full 2010 Pre-DVDRip xRG
2010-05-02 17:40:56 GMT
Team_xRG VIP

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Movie............: House Full
Year.............: 2010
Cast.............: Akshay Kumar,Ritesh Deshmukh,Arjun Rampal
Source...........: Pre-DVD5 @ emlo
Ripper...........: Badboyz
Rip Size.........: 896MB
Resolution.......: 640x272
Runtime..........: 2hr 19min
Codec ID.........: XviD 2 Pass
Video Bitrate....: 700kbps
Frame Rate.......: 23.976 FPS
Encoder used.....: Megui
Audio Bitrate....: 192kbps
Audio Type.......: AC3 5.1 Channel
Subtiles.........: English
Note.............: Keep Seeding After Downloading


Slow Seeding
hey team xrg....screenshots please!!

and please upload CITY of Gold if possible :)
love u mate
screenshots please!!
you always do your best job, thanx again..
a request for you: plz upload The Hurt Locker in HINDI, plz, plzzzz
Hey team xrg fine upld
One question though Why did u stop using the x.264 codec for encoding as it is a superior codec to xvid
xrg when will 3 idiots dvdrip come??????
is the audio that bad as stated in the comment
please reply soon
waitin to see the movie
screens seems good!!!!!!!!!
heyy Team xRG enjoying ur releases mates.... i got a request to make... can u plz upload Private Moments (2005) Imdb - ... i tried alot but cant find it any where so if u could upload it it would be some real help ;)
so many peoples downloading hosefull what the fuck sajid's software is doing now... ha ha ha.. :) sala dont know anything of the seed peer business and talks of banning the IP's.. lol. :D :D
wow awesome print thanks xRG
love you man
@vrokz : Your absolutely right plus...he said there is some anti-piracy software kathe in the movie :P lol
very slow seed, please update
@ boy_india - the seed is not very slow. I managed to download it in approx. 1hr 30mins here in London. I'd suggest upgrading your 56k connection and getting a proper router instead of using that cabbage you call a modem.


File-wise don't bother downloading this.
V: 5
A: 2

The video looks like it was recorded in a cinema with a camcorder - it probably was judging by the wobbly/shaky video. The quality is about the same as a VCD.

The audio is pretty bad. You can hear everything but it has this constant static/hiss in the background.

Worth a download? No, unless you are desperate to see this movie. I'm not even sure why xRG bothered uploading it when he'll eventually upload a proper DVD rip.

I appreciate the time and effort xRG spends providing us with Bollywood movies and would prefer it if he could upload DVD rips of less recent movies. Maybe some quality music video collections too?

xRG's rips are pretty damn good. His BR rip of Rocket Singh was excellent. So why bother with mediocre Pre-DVD rips?
it seems that u r some spammer that is supporting secretmyth

anyone quality plz..............
V : 6
A : 1
M : 8

worst audio quality ever !
team xrg please give me your rss feed address.
send it to me on [email protected]
in case i forget to read your reply here in comments.
Video quality is not all that great, and the audio quality seems to be low or somewhat ok. And I'm not sure about this, but I think the subtitles are out of sync.

Thanks for the share Team_xRG.