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2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - Audio Comedy - MP3 - Slimoo
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2000 Years Of Radio - Series 01 - Audio Comedy - BBC7 via DVB-T
6 x 15 minute episodes - 128Kbps - Mp3 - Slimoo

A comic look at how the medium of radio broadcasting would have been if invented 2000 years ago. 

2000 Years of Radio is a comedy series originally written for and broadcast by BBC Radio 4. 

Marcus Brigstocke
Claire Downes
Stuart Lane
Al Holloway
Danny Robbins
Dan Tetsell

Roman Britain Radio: It's 55AD and Iceni Gold is playing the hits for the Ancient Brits. But the Romans are coming.

Dark Age FM: It is 500AD, history's most miserable period. Britain is being invaded twice a week and a bloke called Arthur is running the country, but at least there's always Steve in the Afternoon to count the Britons down to the end of the world.

Christian Crusade Roadshow: Join DJ Steve in the Afternoon on his AD1200 Christian Crusade Roadshow, as he gathers up an army of children and the plague-ridden to find salvation and a sun tan in the Holy Land.

Headless - Civil War Radio: Tune in to Britain's darkest hour: the English Civil War, AD 1645, revealed as a silly mix-up with DJ Steve-in-the-Afternoon and King Charles I.

Mad - Georgian Radio: It's the Age of Enlightenment and Britain is going Enlightenment crazy.
Tune in to Regency FM with Steve in the afternoon. With Enlightenment update and Thomas De Quincey cooking with opium.

Steaming - Radio Victoriana: Meet other dandies on the Dandy-Line, early Victorian ankle-pornography is exposed, and science is praised for inventing a gun that only works on non-Englishmen.

2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - E01 - Roman Britain Radio
2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - E02 - Dark Age FM
2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - E03 - Christian Crusade Roadshow
2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - E04 - Headless - Civil War Radio
2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - E05 - Mad - Georgian Radio
2000 Years Of Radio - S01 - E06 - Steaming - Radio Victoriana

Audio Format    : MP3
Duration Approx : 14mn 54s
Bit rate mode   : Constant
Bit rate        : 128 Kbps
Channel(s)      : 2 channels
Sampling rate   : 44.1 KHz
Resolution      : 16 bits


A number of people are posting my torrents on other trackers.
I have no problem with that - (Not much need as I already do this) - But a name check would be nice
I was the one who spent weeks,months,years recording them.

There is little point in downloading a "Torrent" and then recreating a "Torrent" using the same files.

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All you will do is split seeders over 2 torrents with the "same" files and make both have less seeders.