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Martyrs 2008 720p BluRay x264-CiNEFiLE
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2010-05-02 22:39:43 GMT
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IMDB Rating.: 7.1/10   1,571 votes

Release Date: 03/21/2009
Video.......: x264 @ 4768 kbps
Audio.......: French DTS 1536bit/s
Subtitles...: English
Length......: 99 min 16 sec
Size........: 4.36 gigs


Sweet thanks!
Who enjoys this horrid sick non-sense must go to a doctor.

Average/healthy people can't watch it to the half.

If you want to lose your girl-friend I recommend you to watch it together to the end, lol.
relax dude it's just a movie and go to a doctor and say what? hi doc I'm a psycho-maniac,care to help me?! ''average/healthy'' LOL yeah only people with cancer can watch this! its a movie pull your puss* as* self together and stop writing sh*t that make no-sense we ain't care! geezus
I'm actually specifically downloading this to watch with my boyfriend. It was my idea. I think you're the crazy one if you really think every single girl would leave her boyfriend over a movie, even if it is "horrid non-sense".

Also, just asking, is English your second language, or are you just really bad at it?
I hope you had a good comedy lined up to watch afterwards lol
This movie is amazing. If you can't see past the necessary violence to see the genius of this movie's story then stick to mainstream movies that lay everything out for the average dumb*ss and you shouldn't have to worry about peeing your pants while watching a movie with your gf. P*ssy :P
Thanks so much for including the original french audio. You sir are a gentleman.

Haven't downloaded yet to comment on quality. Will do so when I have.
The pro-torture generation
A new study by the American Red Cross obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast found that a surprising majority—almost 60 percent—of American teenagers thought things like water-boarding or sleep deprivation are sometimes acceptable. More than half also approved of killing...
I'm not surprised any more...and it's because more and more people and more and more younger kids watch horror movies. Not to mention the bloody games some of you play. More blood the better, later you find the games boring then rather go to school and shoot in real life. Causing pain someone with no reason is sick period.
Jesus Christ mkvonly, it's a movie and I'm bored of comments like the one's you posted, so I'm off to blow up a hospital or something now.
McVonly, screw you faggot. I'm 47 years old and i think waterboarding and sleep deprivation is for pussies. They should be slicing some skin and jamming some salted pig meat into the open wounds of those islamic pissbags.

It has nothing to do with video games and movies. OH AND ALSo at your FIRST comment months ago about how you gotta be sick and lose your girlfriend BLAH BLAH weep (pussy) I am a girl. If I dated a guy who couldn't handle this movie, he would be gone instantly. I don't like weak french faggot pussies.
i didn't like the fact that "anne" couldn't have her beautiful self again in the end of the movie and i really thought that it'll be a happy ending with the protagonist being free, but i was wrong, it was fucking disappointing, lucie and anne shouldn't die, they should break free and hack those sick fucks who tortures innocent young women by locking them in basements, feeding them rotten porridge and sending a bald faggot who beats little girls for a living.

my favorite part was when lucie barges in and killed the family at their breakfast with a double barrel shotgun.
and oh i almost forgot the quality rating
-3 on movie because of the stupid disappointing ending
Thank you very much for the torrent, excellent quality.


My only issue is that the subtitles are hardcoded. Normally I wouldn't care too much, but there are literally dozens of spelling errors. If this were an .srt file, one could go in and fix these errors. Alas, they shall remain.

However, the most egregious sin of these subtitles is the failure to provide the translation of the coda to the film. The definition of "martyr" which comes up on the screen before the credits roll.

martyr: nom, adjectif
du grec "marturos":

martyr: noun, adjective
from the Greek "marturos":
Thanks for sharing this. Will be sure and seed for a bit.

***Also, I agree with PiraatBae: If possible, never hardcode the subs into the movie. Makes them impossible to correct/remove/tweak. As an example, I am going to watch this on my Nexus 7 and, now, I'm unable to increase the sub text size because they are hardcoded.***

But thank you for the time and effort of uploading this. Really appreciate it.
Great quality. Great Movie! A/V 10/10
thanx alot don't have to include spoilers in your comments....i read them to find out if it's a good upload or good movie but you went & told the ending...way to time hold back pleeze! i have to say the comments are interesting for sure! face's a whole new generation of slice & dice & torture....& a lot of watch is only entertainment...if you don't get off on it don't watch it but i am also a female & i love 'em! i haven't watched this one yet but if it's over the top i will post later & say what i think. Thanx for the upload!!
@fatfreddy69, but the problem is only crazy people are the ones who can't tell the game or movie from reality. not normal people. and anyway, I actually first watched this with my ex-gf, and she's the one who picked it out. this is just a movie, if you want to change the world, go somewhere else.
FatFreddy69 is sick moralist and retarded fuck. Sorry for the ad hominem, but it was needed. Now, allow me to elaborate:

Ficiton is not enough to cause behavioral changes in a popullation. The problem is not with fictional violence in a great part of art forms (movies, games, etc.) but with an intense pro-violence ideology that is monstly learned through parents' authoritarianism. Of course playing gore games without proper understanding of the context is something bad to anyone at any age, but it's still idiotic to try to prohibit violence in art just because somo of it may be just random violence without any implicit meaning.

To sum up: fictional violence isn't intrinsically bad or unethical. The problem is that not all movies use violence as something to achieve a satisfactory meaning. There's no direct cause and effect connection between real life violent acts and violence in fictional art.