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nightmare elm street remake 2010
2010-05-02 23:54:14 GMT
torrentzone VIP

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A re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.



Is this real?
why is the piratebay tracker offline?
ask at superbay forum you might get an answer but piratebay use the openbittorent tracker for now

A:6 V:4
its real but shitty quality
i just downloaded this yes its real
A/GOOD-V/BLURY in the begining then its focus its watchble no compaints good lookin out uploader....
at 1:26:42 it stops. it looks like thats not the end?
at 1:26:42 it stops? that don't look like the end. am i missing something?
o wtf sat through blur peoples heads then the end cuts off?
Honest Review:

This torrent is one of the worst cam jobs I've ever seen and is not worth downloading.

1) You can not see the video. It flashes, someone's shoulder is in the way at times, and framing is way off (you can't see anything on the sides)
2) Sound is terrible.
3) Wait for a better upload.

Video: 2
Audio: 2
this a good one to see ty it a not fake
@torrentzone01. I for one would just like to thank you for the upload. I don't know many who would take the time to help entertain strangers and then have to hear how bad it was. My hat is off to you torrentzone01. Thanks again. We neef more like you.
i do have to say it is watchable, only problem as others have mentioned is the last 10 minutes seem to be missing. Im going to see this in theaters with friends on friday, but can anyone who saw it give some kind of wrap up with a spoiler tag of course if not i can post one after i see it if anyone else is interested
This totally sucked I give i a/6 but the video is like -2 and way off. the last 10 minutes is missing so we don't know how it ends. This is probably the worst torrent I have ever seen.
The a is for audio not over all rating I give that a -1
Dont waste your time!.. only the first 30mins. of the movie.-missing a hour, and really crappy quality.

thanks for the efforts. but thats prity bad.
Praise to you for managing to upload
a non fake torrent of this movie, but
when you realised the last 10 min
was missing , why go ahead and upload
it? everyone has to watch it again to see the last 10 minutes. that kinda killed it for me.
this is real it isnt as bad as the other comments its does cut off at the end but im going to see it today anyway
Yes yes yes! This one IS the real thing (cam video I mean). Quality is as what it says... 'CAM" but looks decent after being polished up in the new Nero 10.
***Just one major complaint. It would be perfect if polished and reseeded and actually contain the ENTIRE film but it doesn't. (last 10-15 minutes missing.... the best part of the whole movie). :(
The Screenshot Quality "Omg close this is fast as you can.!!"
The Video is Probably -10/-10
Video starts out so blurry U cant understand whats going on. It gets better but is very shaky. Even for a TS this quality is a 3 at best. Im sorry but there has to be a better TS than this. Download it if U R desperate to see it. Otherwise wait for a better copy.
@ torrentzone01,

Thanks for the effort, really. But try not to be focus on being the "first" to upload something, be the first to upload something of GOOD quality! That's the whole issue with this upload.

You got it up the first, but you get a ton of shit for it because what you gave us was poor quality, bad framing, missing a large chunk of the ending, and unbearable to watch. I deleted it after seeing a minute of it, max. Beggars can't be choosers, but the thing is WE CAN choose. It's the internet and someone else is gonna put up a good copy eventually.

Thanks bro.