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FEMA trains, graves, camps, false-flag terror and CIA confession
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FEMA trains, graves, camps, false-flag terror and CIA confessions






This is insane.  Day by day this tyrannical force keeps pushing harder and harder.  FEMA and Homeland Security are such nazi-like tools of executive order.  The videos and pictures included reveal the illegal training by Homeland Security in the state of Tennessee, which they are to this moment doing again in greater proportion.  Apparently they went ahead and conducted their drills even when the state governor had told them “No, not in my state.”  Also shown are the sudden massive grave-digging operations taking place across the nation directed by Homeland Security.  Nazi-like FEMA trains, many of which tracks lead to prisons, are being prepared and exposed all over the country.  It seems they are preparing for this massive revolt by us Tea Party members, and concerned citizens alike, with the prediction that there will be mass casualties (dead US citizens), and resistance.  Many from within the military and other armed forces have called in and admitted that they had been training for martial law scenarios, with the idea that resistant Americans would be the enemies/detainees.  This is very real and very true.  The major media is finally doing their job because they have been caught in their lies and exposed to the world.     Has anyone every stopped to wonder why these homeland security S.W.A.T. officers are not marked (no identification)?  In many cases they are unmarked, with no badge, what does that signify?  How about U.N. or NATO forces… who bare no identity or particular allegiance to any one government.   Has the possibility that these “so-called” police and military officers of Homeland Security, are really foreign soldiers and/or radicals carrying out their will/rage on the Americans, ever crossed your mind?  I mean think about it, we now have over half of the world angry with us for our behavior in the misled war and the conduct of our military and nation in general.  I’m sure that just about any other nation would love to come to work for the overthrow of the U.S., because if that happens, then they can easily bring in the one-world-government to the rest of the world.  Now that they can call in the foreign troops we all have something to worry about.  Martial law has not been declared for generations.  Can you imagine how far they will take it, and how much they will abuse their power, with all of the agencies under the control of the White House if such martial law was declared?  I really start to wonder.  We have some amazing footage here, some new, some old, from inside sources that are now confirming that the FEMA conspiracy is real!

My FEMA Coffin report
FEMA coffins are being exposed everywhere.  I’m not going to say this is FEMA related or not yet, with our further digging into the details.  I do believe in coincidences, but not so many that adhere to the same thing.  When this happened, no one knew much about it or paid much attention to it.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think that they had anything about it in the local media, which would just be the county newspaper.  This takes place in central IL.  There sits what once belonged to Grainland Cooperative, the town grain elevator, a storage shed owned by the elevator.  This company owns three of the counties largest grain elevators in the area.  This small storage shed was mostly empty and rarely used at the grain elevator, until it was purchased from Grainland Cooperative last year (2009).  By who, I don’t know, and I don’t believe anyone I talked to at the time knows either.  This was before I ever looked into the FEMA coffins and camps, or knew anything about what they were for.  I did know that there were empty prisons around the country, but I didn’t know what FEMA had planned on using them for.  This storage shed was actually announced to be a “COFFIN STORAGE FACILITY!”  At the time I thought what the hell?  Coincidence that train tracks lay just ten feet from this coffin storage facility that runs along major US Highway 24?  When they opened the facility I don’t recall seeing any coffins, and like most, I wasn’t paying much attention.  But I do recall seeing dark black SUVs every time I drove by.  That’s all you would see was black SUVs with tinted windows.  I don’t recall even seeing any occupants, as I’m sure they were inside the facility.  This has left me with a very disturbing image.  This town consists of less than 300 people and I’m sure that there are more than enough coffins in there for all of us and many other surrounding, more populated towns.  More to come as I look further into this.

FEMA Katrina-Trailer Report
The only responsibility put upon FEMA’s shoulders since its inception was Hurricane Katrina.  Firstly, it is to be understood that FEMA is a disguised name, under the soul purpose of population control, meaning the extermination of life.  This is why FEMA did not deploy evacuation services or any help or support before or after the hurricane hit.  In fact, several alleged SWAT team members have been sued in court over the fact that they were caught on film not allowing citizens onto the major roads, and engaging fire upon them on the day the storm hit.  In the aftermath and in lure of FEMA helping, the National Guard was sent in to confiscate all weapons remaining in the city limits.  Months later, FEMA put together several half-ass trailers to send to the survivors.  The inspectors came in to inspect the trailers once completed.  Testimony from one of the contract builders of the trailers confirms that FEMA instructed them to “air out the trailers before they came.”  After their initial inspection, they never returned.  Now many people living in the FEMA trailers are getting sick and DIEING.  Meanwhile FEMA has been busy building and contracting concentration camps and death camps, engaging in massive digging of tombstone-like graves in different areas across the country, purchasing hundreds of thousands of plastic four-man coffins, and preparing and repairing railways for human transport to FEMA camps.  All of this information is documented online from most major newscasts.

New Am-track built from Chicago to St. Louis - ACELA
Everyone thought that the railroad industry was near death.  In reality, the rail road companies are always out repairing and surveying the railroads, I’m sure we all can not deny that.  They have also been repairing many older broken down railroad cars, and building new Am-track railways connecting major cities and prisons together.  A new am-track proposed from Chicago to St Louis would be the fastest am-track known to the public. That is until a group of protestors concerned about how many FEMA camps were located along Interstate 55, and the proposal of this new am-track system intervened with public criticism.  It just so happens that the projected new railway runs right along major Interstate 55, connecting Chicago to St. Louis.  This road also displays the largest route for FEMA concentration camps in the state of IL.  The am-track is still scheduled for construction under the guise of “Newer, cheaper, better, and faster transportation for all of IL.”

An SUV was found abandoned in Time Square last night.  When officers noticed smoke rising from the rear of the vehicle, they apprehended it as a bomb threat.  Upon inspection they discovered that the bomb was “made from easily attained firework ingredients that anyone could have put together and probably would not have caused much damage.”  This shows again that the evil executive powers that be, hired some below-average person to come in and make this bomb.  Again, they are trying to find a reason to bring in martial law and they will use FALSE-FLAG terror attacks, just like 9-11, to do so. It starts now…

NAFTA Interstate Police
I haven’t been able to find any info on this subject, other than eyewitnesses who have called in stating that they have seen these vehicles out on major interstates marked “Interstate Police.”  Since when did we have Interstate Police?  Why can’t I find anything about them online or in the media anywhere?  I think the answer is plain and simple, it is Homeland Security “Secret Police.”

WASHINGTON – The NAFTA superhighway, a north-south interstate corridor linking Mexico, Canada and the U.S., would mean U.S. truckers replaced by Mexicans, more unsafe rigs on American roads and more drivers relying on drugs for their long hauls.  The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the latest group to weigh in against the Bush administration plan.  The NAFTA plan calls for an enlarged I-35 that will reach north from the drug capital border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 1,600 miles to Canada through San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Duluth.  Meanwhile I-69 originating at the same crossing will shoot north to Michigan and across the Canadian border.  Public proposals for the superhighway calls for each corridor to be 1,200 feet wide with six lanes devoted to cars, four to trucks, with a rail line and utilities in the middle. Most of the goods will come from new Mexican ports being built on the Pacific Coast, ports being run by Chinese state-controlled shipping companies.  "Tens of thousands of unregulated, unsafe Mexican trucks will flow unchecked through out border – a very real threat to national security and good-paying American jobs," writes Teamster President Jim Hoffa. "The Bush administration hasn't given up on its ridiculous quest to open our border to unsafe Mexican trucking companies. In fact, Bush is quietly moving forward with plans to build the set of highways from the Mexican border north through Detroit into Canada that would make cross-border trucking effortless."  So incensed was the union over the plan for the NAFTA superhighway that it sent investigative reporter Charles Bowden to Mexico for its August magazine report on the problems affecting Mexican drivers – problems that could soon come to Americans with the plans for the new intercontinental highways.  Drivers interviewed for the magazine report say they are exploited by companies that force them to drive 4,500 kilometers alone over the course of five or six nights without sleep. How do they stay awake on such long hauls? 


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