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Family Guy S08E17 PDTV XviD-LOL [eztv]
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2010-05-03 02:48:52 GMT
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Episode: Family Guy S08E17 PDTV XviD-LOL

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I love you :*

EZTV is the best! i do have a question though, how do you upload all of these shows? are you recording off a dvr? and how do you get them to your PC? . Thanks for the help and the great quality shows.
thx :)
dude... this can't be right. Family Guy S08E17 hadn't been on yet when u uploaded this, matter of fact, it JUST got over... soooo, what episode is this?

u have it marked as episode 17, but that can't possibly be right, cuz the file is under 400MB and episode 17 is an hour long. episode 17 is called "Brian & Stewie" and it's where they get locked in a bank vault. it's their 150th episode.

so either 1. this is fake, or 2. u named your file wrong. which is it?

175 +175 = 350mb, so its right for one hour episode, well 40 mins long.
This is definitely the right episode, 42 mins. Oversoul you must not know eztv very well, he's super human and never uploads fakes. Cheers eztv!
You guys had better love me.. I'm seeding my ass off here ;)
@oversoul different time zones
I don't know how he has the time to post thousands of shows but, I do know that i deeply appreciate it. Thanks ez
thx ez. i hope u get mad women.
EZTV is another torrent site you trippas!
^ That's right, and if you want to get the next Family Guy, South Park, etc. even faster than they appear on TPB, simply head over to the site in the description of this torrent.
@SystemFolder - Actually, they appear here first.
Thanks for the upload man, you rock. Shame the episode itself was a bit rubbish.
No synopsis? Come on man, you aren't getting lazy are ya? lol, just messing with ya bro, thanks for the upload. eztv is the best.
weird episode yes.
This is perhaps the worse Family Guy episode I've seen. Looks like the writers are running out of good and funny ideas.
Tamarind you lame. I guess your sense of humor is underdeveloped, cuz dis shit be dat kill!
great upload, weird as fuck episode
stupid episode imo
already seen the stuff in the vault, kinda out of inspiration, and the rest was just meh.
the april 1st ep was better!

Seed u lazy fucks
great quality and speed.
(since theres no commercials, its 40 mins) the first half an hour is stewie & brian in a room and the last 10 mins are fam guy songs. i cant say i laughed once.. brian eats stewies shit and licks out his asshole and its half an hour spent in a room. not doing anything funny. waste of my life. worst episode evrr
Yesss, I finally found it!