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Adobe CS5 Master Collection Serials and Activation Blocker-MAC
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Adobe CS5 Serials Activation
2010-05-03 03:51:15 GMT

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Adobe CS5 Master Collection Serials and Automatic Activation Blocker!!!

1) Download the CS5 trial from Adobe because it's much faster than here.

2) Run the Script. (The script automatically adds the host entries for activation) 

3) Install Adobe as a trial. 

4) Open any Adobe program and use one of the serials from the text file in the .zip.

5) ENJOY!!!

You will be able to update all of Adobe without any problems!!

F.Y.I. - This Script and Serials will work for ANY of the trials on

*Thanks to the creators of the script*



I downloaded CS5 torrent, installed as a trial. Ran the script, ran InDesign and NONE of the serials work. I tried them ALL. What do I do now?

Also, Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst "failed to install". Help.
Thanks alvinmax but I'm not cool with giving my credit card and personal info to a bunch of untrusted sites. Any other serial sources?
Thanks oliveryun2, but I'm not cool with giving my credit card and personal info to a bunch of "free offer" untrusted sites. Any other serial sources?
This is amazing never had anything work so easily and well, download, turn off internet , generate serial and patch , install collection with serial and voila !!! installed about 2 months ago and not had a single activation message since.
when I try to download the trial version , it forces me to download the "adobedownloadassitant"
I am affraid it will not only download, but also INSTALL it before I can run the script/
OR should I just follow it???
Please, can someone help me with installing Adobe Master Collection on my MacBook Pro?
I've never used Mac and recently bought one, and I find the system so different from PC.

I tried installing Adobe programs but it didn't work, although I'm following instructions.

I really hope that someone can guide me, please add me at Skype, my Skype name is isidor.floros

I hope that someone can help me, would be much appreciative, thanks!
hi!can you please do camerabag 2 from the app store?thank you!love your uploads
The program worked great... however I'm having issues using my internet in general. Now I can't use Twitter, or update my Apps from the App store. How can I reverse the process (understanding that I won't be able to use the Adobe Programs)?
Line 4) mentions a zip file with Serials. There is not a zip file in the dmg package. Where are the serials for this Mac download?
Where are the serials mentioned in line 4)? This is a Mac download and it said they are in a zip file. Where is it?
Never mind. I found the zip file.
Yay! It worked! Very easy! Thank you.
i love you. I made an account just to comment on how much I love you. Thanks so much!!!