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2010 AMA Supercross Lites Rd 16 Salt Lake City HD 720p Slicknick
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2010-05-03 05:29:01 GMT

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		      ..:: RELEASE iNFO ::..                                             
      SOURCE.............: HDTV Transport Stream               
      FORMAT.............: MPEG4 X.264
      AUDiO..............: 128 kbps 48Hz 16BiT STEREO
      ENCODiNG...........: AAC                          
      RESOLUTiON.........: 1280x720                            
      FRAME RATE.........: 59.94 FPS                           
      REGiON.............: NTSC

For Windows Users, try the K-lite codec pack. Make sure that you select Windows Media Player for the .mp4 options. If you installed it properly when you play them with WMP an icon will appear in the notificaton area on the task bar.

For Linux and Mac users you might have to research better codecs

For PS3 or XBOX 360 owners put the race on a flashdrive or external hard drive and play it with them

I looked around for other torrents with 720p. I tried to match the video bitrate that they were using and I found that I did not lose any quality. The bitrate is between what I was using for the 960x540 uploads and 1280x720. 

I am using my laptop as an average setup. I bought it 2 years ago for $500. It has an Intel Duo Core processor 1.60 GHz with 3 GB of RAM. These videos play fine on that laptop.

I cannot please everyone but beleive me I am trying my best. I am trying to provide the best quality HD videos I can and trying to make it possible for just about everyone to be able to play them.


Thanks for sharing :-)
Thanks !
cant wait to watch this. one question for you slick, is there a difference between CBS coverage and speeds coverage? all the speed footage is crystal clear but for some reason every CBS race seems a little smokey and a little slower......and i just realised i never got around to giving that bad, onto it this week. thanks for all your work :)
Both played perfect for me.
HI slicknick, i was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a single torrent or a couple torrents which have all or some of the rounds in each? just from 2010 will do.