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Karl Dawson - Matrix Re-imprinting - Serious Diseases DVDs
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Karl Dawson - Matrix Re-imprinting for Serious Diseases DVDs

EFT Master, Karl Dawson gives an engaging and highly informative overview of the process of serious and autoimmune disease, including chronic fatigue/M.E., thyroid problems, chronic pain, cancer, and others. Karl then addresses the disease process using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and nutrition.

Just some of the topics covered in this 6 DVD set from a live 2 day training with Karl Dawson, EFT Master:

* A large section on Matrix Reimprinting including, theory, demos and client testimonial
* Factors which make us more susceptible to disease
* What do we really mean by stress?
* How wrong beliefs cause specific diseases
* How our early decisions shape our whole lives
* How we create our diseases according to our expectations in life
* Beliefs in the way of healing
* EFT techniques to address our core beliefs about ourselves and the world
* Demonstrations using EFT to uncover these beliefs and decisions
* Learn a simple HeartMath technique to prevent clients going into flight and flight
* Introduction to meta-medicine, the world's leading diagnostic tool which helps directs EFT with more precision
* We will see how the diseases we exhibit are our body's metaphor to draw attention to past traumas and elements in our life which need addressing
* Find which core beliefs you are running and how to deal with them
* Learn about the latest breakthroughs in science and how this validates our work with EFT
* The number one way to rebuild your immune system
* Why we self medicate and self sabotage as a way to cope with life and how to find better alternatives
* Plus, lots of other invaluable understanding and solutions when working with clients with mental, emotional and physical issues.

Note: The first DVD of this set can be found here:
Richard Flook & Karl Dawson - Meta-Medicine & EFT - 03 of 09.avi 815.86 MB (includes explanation about ECHOs)


I downloaded this awhile back and just got around to watching it. But I noticed it only downloaded five dvd's labeled: DVD 02-06. DVD 01 is missing. Was this intentioinal or should I try downloading again?

Many thanks for the DL!