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       Release Date........: 2010.05.03
       DVD Date............: 2008.09.16
       Air Date............: 1998.03.17

       Source..............: DVD [X] PAL [ ] NTSC
       Network.............: Cartoon Network

       Video Format........: XVID
       Video Bitrate.......: 1217 kbit/s 2pass VBR
       Video Resolution....: 624 x 352 
       Video Aspect........: 1.773
       Frame Rate..........: 25.000
       Video Length........: 58:25.400
       Subtitles...........: None

       Audio Format........: CBR MP3 @ 48000 Hz
       Audio Bitrate.......: 448 kbps
       Language............: English

       File Size...........: 700 MB
       Rar Files...........: 50 x 15

       Genre...............: Anime | Action | Adventure


        Since  the  debut  of  the  Dragon  Ball  anime  series,  Toei
        Animation  has  been  producing  feature  films  based  on the
        franchise  since  1986.  Over  seventeen  feature  films  were
        produced, including three films  based on the original  Dragon
        Ball  anime, thirteen films based on the sequel series  Dragon
        Ball  Z,   and  seventeenth   film  commemorating   the  tenth
        anniversary  of  the  series.  The  films  were self-contained
        stories  that  did not  follow  the same  continuity  as their
        television counterpart.

                EPISODE SUMMARY                  

        It  starts off with Bulma, Krillin, Oolong, and Gohan  camping
        in the  woods.  But,  a satellite  fell to  earth and starts a
        forest fire. Gohan and Krillin  put out the flames with  their
        ki alone. They then wish back the forest with the dragonballs.

        Gohan made a new friend the, little dragon. Then, Turles comes
        to earth  with his  space pirates  and one  of them plants the
        seed for the Tree. Kaiosama then warns Goku about the Tree and
        the rest of the Z Fighters go with him to help. Chi-chi  stops
        Gohan from going though, so he runs off later with the dragon.
        The Z Fighters have some trouble with the space pirates except
        for Goku and  Gohan. Turles captures  Gohan and forces  him to
        look at an artificial moon's light. Gohan transforms and swats
        Goku  into the  ground. Turles  is laughing  and enjoying  the
        father and son fight. Just  when Gohan is about to  kill Goku,
        the dragon comes and calms him down. Turles gets Gohan mad  by
        blasting the  dragon. Gohan  lashes out  at Turles,  so Turles
        tries to kill him with an energy ring. goku slices off Gohan's
        tail and falls in to his father's arms.

        Goku swears to Gohan that  he will make Turles pay.  The space
        pirates return  from beating  on the  other fighters,  so Goku
        swats them  down with  a power  shot. Turles  duels with  Goku
        after he blasts  Piccolo. Goku is  doing extremely well  until
        Turles eats the  fruit from the  Tree. He beats  down Goku and
        nearly kills him. Goku then  gathers energy for a Spirit  Bomb
        while the  half-dead Z  fighters battle  Turles. Turles  beats
        them and blasts Goku's Spirit Bomb with one hit. While Goku is
        unconscious,  he  gathers  energy from  the  Tree  and creates
        another Spirit Bomb. He confronts Turles once again, this time
        killing him. The movie ends with the Tree giving back all  its
        energy to  the world  and all  the Z  fighters camping  in the

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