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2010-05-03 06:46:47 GMT
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Aired 02.05.2010

"Iwo Jima"

Increasingly frustrated by his role campaigning for 
war bonds, Basilone convinces the Marines to allow 
him to train troops headed for combat. Transferred 
to Camp Pendleton, he enjoys a whirlwind romance 
with an initially reluctant female Marine, Lena 
Riggi. But the couple know they are living on 
borrowed time, as Basilone is soon to take part in 
the Marine landing on Iwo Jima.

Enjoy :)


appreciate it as always. thx
Many thanks.
can anyone vouch for this one being real?
1.46? Why so much bigger this week?
Why is it 2 times bigger than the normal ones? and why do i get a stream of 0.4kb a sec? with a bandwith of 24mb/sec
Good on ya, TVTeam! Gratzi, Bedankt, Merci, Spasibo, Danke & Thanks...just to cover more possibilities ;)

and GSPit, sure it is good 2 go. They would not have a VIP icon in their corner if it was garbage 8-|
It is 1.46gb because it is a 720p release. They're always that size. The smaller 500mb releases are not HD quality.
This is the normal size for 720p torrents, but there have been fakes floating about. I hope this is real.

Is ANYONE getting any download speed on this?
Is anyone having trouble with this downloading?
Waiting on regular 550MB release, thanks :)
I am glad to see an appropriate file size..Previous releases were on par with my quality expectations.
Thankx for the upload!
I will post when finished with my observations relating to quality.
Its the 720 p version that is why is 1.4 gb, I personally dont need a file so big so I will wait for the 550 mb version. To the other guy its slow because there are no seeders, and thanks for tvteam upload I have no doubt its legit im just gonna wait for the smaller version.
I suspect that the smaller version isnt up becuase EZTV doesnt have it up on their site and they are usually the ones who upload that copy.
please HDTV.XviD
Looks like this is the copy on EZTV so im just gonna download this copy, please seed when your finished thanks for the upload TVTEAM, cheers SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED
SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED this copy i doubt eztv or tvteam is gonna have up a smaller copy tonight as its always up by now, seed this so at least we can watch it, thanks tvteam i noticed your copy is on eztv's website and they also uploaded it, same copy though, thanks SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED SEED
I just finished the download and it works, BUT...not on xbox cause its a fucking MKV file or whatever you call it, I will seed it for a while for you guys though and watch it on windows media player
over 3000 leecher at once and only 1 seeder, it takes time to get more speed.

We are doing our utmost. :)
Many thanks!
Finished DL will seed for a few weeks for everyone. Definatly the real deal, and good quality to boot.

The episode however is WAY too focused on a love story that no one gives 2 shits about. This is supposed to be about WAR ffs not love lost.

Anyway, Thanks again for being the goto guys for this.