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Jacques Vallée - "Alien Contact" Trilogy

About Jacques Vallee...

Dr. Jacques Vallee was born in France, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the Sorbonne and a Master of Science in astrophysics from the University of Lille. He began his professional life as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory in 1961. While on the staff of the French Space Committee, he witnessed the destruction of the tracking tapes of unknown objects orbiting the earth, initiating a lifelong interest in the UFO phenomenon. Vallee arrived in the U.S. in 1962, worked in astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin, and wrote two highly respected scientific examinations arguing for the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) of UFO origins. In 1967, he received a Ph.D. in computer science from Northwestern University, where he became a close associate of J. Allen Hynek, then scientific consultant for the U.S. Air Force on Project Blue Book. Eventually concluding that the ETH was too narrow to encompass the burgeoning UFO data, he conducted his own extensive global research, resulting in the “Alien Contact Trilogy.” Dr. Vallee is presently a venture capitalist living in San Francisco. His website is

Listen to Tim Binnall's interview of Jacues Vallee here:


In Dimensions, the first volume of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee reexamines the historical record that led to the modern UFO phenomenon and to the belief in alien contact. He then tackles the enigma of abduction reports, which come from various times and various countries, as well as the psychic and spiritual components of the contact experience. In the last portion of the book, he notes the factors that inhibit research into the phenomenon – the triple coverup and political motivations – and concludes that the extraterrestrial theory is simply not strange enough to explain the facts..

Did you know that Jacques Vallee's Dimensions is an expanded version of his seminal mythological analysis Passport to Magonia?

What they're saying...

Dimensions is “probably the most penetrating and comprehensive assessment of the UFO experience, bar none… Dimensions sums up both Vallee’s work since [the 1960s] and UFO research in general, establishing new standards against which all further ufological work must be measured.” – John White, New Realities

“Provocative…Intensively researched, thoughtful...Watch the skies – and read this book.” – Kirkus Reviews

"Masterful and ground-breaking." – Whitley Strieber

"A remarkable account of the phenomenon's maddening multidimensionality...After Jacques Vallee, you will never again think the same way about UFOs." – Utne Reader


Introduction: Closed Minds, Open Questions ix

Part One: The Alien Chronicles 1
1 Ancient Encounters 5
2 Winged Disks and Crispy Pancakes 31
3 The Secret Commonwealth 75

Part Two: Another Reality 111
4 The Emotional Component: Cosmic Seduction 115
5 The Celestial Component: Signs in Heaven 151
6 The Psychic Component: Metalogic 169
7 The Spiritual Component: A Morphology of Miracles 195

Part Three: A Challenge to Research 219
8 Fighting the Triple Coverup 223
9 The Case Against Extraterrestrials 225
10 The Control System 271

Conclusions: Exploring Other Dimensions 283
Index 293


In Confrontations, the second volume of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee personally investigates forty astonishing UFO cases from around the world. He finds it shocking that professional scientists have never seriously examined this material. This book is about the hopes, experiences, and the frustrations of a scientist who has gone into the field to investigate a bizarre, seductive, and often terrifying phenomenon reported by many witnesses as a contact with an alien form of intelligence.

What they're saying...

“Absolutely fascinating...By far the most interesting and scientific commentator on the UFO phenomenon.” – Colin Wilson

“With this book, Jacques Vallee has added another important and reasoned analysis to his earlier and now classic considerations of the UFO conundrum…No serious student of UFOs (pro or con) should ignore this addition to the debate.” – Marcello Truzzi

"Jacques Vallee has again shown why he should be regarded as perhaps our foremost contemporary UFO researcher. In this dark but deeply absorbing book, he has made the strongest case yet for his position that the reality of UFOs is far stranger, and even more omninous, than popular theories of extraterrestrial visitation would have us believe." – Kenneth Ring

“Vallee has written another thoughtful and stimulating UFO book…Highly recommended.” – Booklist


Acknowledgments xi
Prologue 3
Introduction 6


1. Megawatts 27
2. Liquid Sky 42
3. Infinity Focus 57


4. Winery Frog 71
5. Smoke Alarm 79
6. Beacon Probe 88


7. Botanical Data 101
8. Clinical Data 112
9. Lethal Impact 124


10. Visitor Profiles 147 
11. Happy Camp 163
12. Copper Medic 181


13. Deer Hunters 199
14. High Beams 214
15. Ground Truth 220

Conclusion 227
Appendix: Bringing Order Out of Chaos 231
Case Index 242
Notes 245
Index 253


In Revelations, the final volume of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee presents startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers, diverting them from the UFO phenomenon itself. Vallee takes readers step by step into the tangled web of UFOlogy’s dark side, in an effort to clear the ever-thickening underbrush that has obscured the real nature of the UFO phenomenon. 

What they're saying...

“[A] bracing finale to Vallee’s ‘Alien Contact trilogy’ … Here, deftly blending theory and memoir, he attempts to clear UFOlogy of ‘the weeds and the vines of human fantasy and...the poisonous flowers of unbalanced minds’ …[This is] a forceful and refreshingly iconoclastic study that, for all its good sense, will likely add up to only a cry in the alien-infested UFO wilderness.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Vallee [is] a respected investigator in a difficult field…Readers with some background in the puzzling UFO phenomenon of the last 40 years will appreciate his insights. He pulls no punches with both government obfuscation and the lunatic fringe of UFO cultists. Most valuable is his international scope…Recommended.” – Library Journal


Acknowledgments ix
Prologue 3
Introduction 6


1. Hanger 18 20
2. Majestic 12 37
3. Area 51 50


4. Strip Tease 90
5. Purple Justice 122
6. Special Efects 153


7. Death of an Astronomer 180
8. The Mystery Lingers 190
9. Giants in the Park 214

Conclusion 225
Appendix 239
Index 259
Don't miss the other two volumes in the trilogy: Dimensions and Confrontations.

What they're saying...

“[A] bracing finale to Vallee’s ‘Alien Contact trilogy’ … Here, deftly blending theory and memoir, he attempts to clear UFOlogy of ‘the weeds and the vines of human fantasy and...the poisonous flowers of unbalanced minds’ …[This is] a forceful and refreshingly iconoclastic study that, for all its good sense, will likely add up to only a cry in the alien-infested UFO wilderness.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Vallee [is] a respected investigator in a difficult field…Readers with some background in the puzzling UFO phenomenon of the last 40 years will appreciate his insights. He pulls no punches with both government obfuscation and the lunatic fringe of UFO cultists. Most valuable is his international scope…Recommended.” – Library Journal


Introduction to 'Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception':

It had to happen.

For over forty years the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects has mystified hundreds of thousands of sincere witnesses, yet the scientific establishment has refused to study it and stubbornly continues to deny the very existence of the mystery. The governments of the major nations have assembled countless dossiers about the subject. In the course of military and intelligence data gathering, many remarkable facts have been accumulated, as we know from the few tidbits the U.S. government has been forced to release under the Freedom of Information Act. Yet officials have never seen fit to declassify most of the files. So a market has been created for the hoaxers, the charlatans, those who are in the business of selling dreams and delusions.

Never mind that the few dedicated investigators who have patiently analyzed the sightings recognize that we are still far from a solution to the mystery; eager believers have fabricated fanciful explanations out of whole cloth to provide belief and dogma where knowledge was lacking. As I have shown in Dimensions and Confrontations, there is indeed a genuine UFO phenomenon and it constitutes one of the many mysteries that nature offers us. In my view it represents an opportunity to practice some good science and to become aware of levels of consciousness we had not previously recognized. But the current proliferation of spurious material that confuses the real issues bothers me. It should be analyzed and exposed for what it is: at best, a dangerous delusion, the germ of new cults that would extinguish the light of reason and free inquiry; at worst, an attempt to draw attention away from the real nature of the UFO phenomenon, a deliberate effort to drive serious research into the quicksands of speculation.

Not only have individual visionaries come forward with the definitive revelation that UFOs came from Venus, Clarion, Hoova, Zeta Reticuli, or hundreds of other places, but an entire cottage industry has grown around groups dedicated to the "study" of fantasies channeled by our kind space brothers from such unlikely places as UMMO or the Pleiades. Organizations with mysterious sources of money are now springing up with dozens of local chapters all over the United States and Canada, and indeed, all over the world. They hypnotize witnesses. They hold seminars and conferences; they edit expensive books and videotapes; some even run their own presses. Their activity blurs the real nature of the phenomenon and complicates its study. It adds another factor of confusion to the bewilderment of sincere witnesses who wonder what they have seen and who are looking for a helping hand.

Things would not be so bad if the only hoaxers came from the lunatic fringe. Every field of endeavor has such borderline fanatics—even well-established and dignified disciplines like physics, with its entourage of perpetual motion inventors, astronomy with its retinue of hollowearthers, and medicine with its proliferation of quacks.

But there is more.

Those who spend time in the field—analyzing traces left by the UFO phenomenon, interviewing witnesses, and assembling a study of the underlying patters—have now stumbled on evidence of a quite different sort: some of the most remarkable sightings are actually complex hoaxes that have been carefully engineered for our benefit. The witnesses are merely the victims and the instruments rather than the authors of the hoax.

Who is perpetrating such deliberate fabrications and what is their goal? There is no single answer to this question because there is no single source to human fantasy, no single reason for the deviousness of those military or civilian agencies that are spending our money to conduct secret psychological experiments—as the mind control projects of the Sixties and Seventies have abundantly demonstrated.

So, as I kept digging into a mass of information that had been generally avoided, it is not surprising that my research should have taken me toward some unexpected quarters. Some cases, it turns out, involved private groups with fantastic delusions and an insane compulsion to spread them to a larger segment of the public. Others were found to have been engineered by government agencies engaged in psychological warfare exercises on which they declined comment, conveniently burying them behind the curtain of classified intelligence. This bears emphasizing: some UFO sightings are covert experiments in the manipulation of the belief systems of the public. And some cases simply did not happen. The stories about them, numerous rumors of crashed saucers and burned aliens, were not so much the result of delusions as the product of deception: rumors deliberately planted in the eager minds of gullible believers to hide more real facts about which it was felt that the public and the scientific community had no "need to know."

In previous works I have argued that ufology was, among other things, "folklore in the making," and that it ought to be studied as such. I was referring to the accumulation of stories about contact with aliens, a new form of mythology that formed a striking parallel to the intercourse with angels, demons, and elves in earlier ages. But the stories that are spreading now go way beyond anything in ordinary folklore. We are told that aliens have crashed on earth in their flying machines, that
bodies have been recovered and autopsies performed.

The first part of this book, entitled "Alien Retrievals," describes the array of such stories that have proliferated in the last ten years. Accounts no longer come from drunken prospectors in the desert or from con men trying to make a fast buck. I have listened to a general who headed up an agency of the U.S. Air Force and who told me about his own contact. I have had dinner with an ex-CIA pilot who assured me the aliens were actually here, alive and in large numbers, working secretly with our scientists. And another man, a former Naval Intelligence officer, assured me he had once been assigned the mission to brief three admirals on the nature of the secret treaty that linked the U.S. government to these aliens, who lived inside our most secret military bases. He could locate the bases, and claimed he could identify people who had seen these so-called aliens—but he never came through with their names. In Las Vegas I met with Robert Lazar, who assured me that he had actually worked on a Navy Intelligence project to reverse-engineer the propulsion system of nine flying saucers held in secret hangars. But Robert Lazar also told me of his strange memory lapses, of the peculiar liquid he was made to drink. . . .

In Part Two, entitled "The Hall of Mirrors," I will take you a step further into the tangled jungle of urology's dark side. We will review the results of some investigations into cases that were front page material when they first became public, yet where the actual truth has never been brought to light.

Revelations is an attempt to clear the underbrush of an interesting scientific field that is cluttered with the weeds and the vines of human fantasy and with the poisonous flowers of unbalanced minds. But it is also an experiment in truth-seeking; like Confrontations, it is something of a scientific detective story, an intellectual exercise in counterintelligence. Some of my readers may object that the delusions in question are of limited scope and only cause harm to a small community of zealots who are ready and willing to believe anything that seems to coincide with their own fantasies. Why not leave them to their crazy rate? My answer is that we have to eliminate these spurious rumors if we hope to identify the real UFO phenomenon and perhaps to meet genuine aliens some day. And the harm they cause is very real, very tragic indeed: it is because of such rumors that astronomer Morris Jessup committed suicide and that countless other researchers have wasted valuable time and jeopardized their careers in the pursuit of mirages.

In Part Three, entitled "The Cobweb Correlation," I have tried to show that the fast-growing belief in alien contact may well contain the germ of more dangerous developments. The fact that the genuine UFO cases have been ignored by professional scientists, and that even the great mythologists of our time like Joseph Campbell have remained utterly blind to them, makes the phenomenon, with all its wonderful physical and psychic complexity, a convenient medium that can be sculpted with complete impunity by the manufacturers of alternative theologies and the professional manipulators of the human mind.

All that can be said today about the genuine UFO phenomenon is that it involves human consciousness as well as physical effects in its manifestations. The study of such enigmas is what science is all about. But the line between belief in the reality of that phenomenon and the fascination with those who claim to control it, or to be in intimate contact with it, is very fine indeed. This book demonstrates how this fine line has repeatedly been crossed and what the consequences of the resulting delusions could be. More importantly, the UFO mystery holds a mirror to our own fantasies, it expresses our secret longings for a wisdom that might come down from the stars in new, improved, easy-to-use packaging, to reveal the secrets of life and tell us, at long last, who we are. In return, of course, for a modest fee, an easily affordable spiritual, social, and political investment.

Why is it that in this process we are always told that we have to relinquish the right to interrogate the higher entities we worship? Why are we afraid to ask them who they are, and to demand what makes them so interested in teaching us, in frightening us, or in enlisting our help in the great cosmic saga of their allegedly higher endeavors? In the process of such interrogation we might well discover the ultimate horror, as in the poem by Borges quoted at the beginning of this book: there may be no higher entities lurking in the maze after all, and no little grayish aliens with bug eyes in the morgues of the Pentagon. In the final analysis the labyrinth of our expectations may be empty, and it may require a completely different approach to solve the problem of detecting and communicating with the other forms of consciousness that probably fill the universe, and with the UFO phenomenon itself. How could we shed the dreams and start on the real journey at last? How could we ever recognize Them if we keep being snared by humanity's folly, if we keep falling into the trap of our own delusions, and if, in the pursuit of our own preconceived theories, we rush to believe in every false revelation that comes along?

Oscar Wilde once observed that an aesthetic truth was such that its opposite was equally true. Perhaps the truths about alien contact, like those of the metaphysical kind, are the truths of masks.