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title: Omen III: The Final Conflict

Genre: Horror
Directed by: Graham Baker
Writing credits: Andrew Birkin, David Seltzer

Omen III: The Final Conflict

The Omen trilogy comes to a close with this expectedly uneven installment, in which a grown-up Damien's (Sam Neill) rise to power is temporarily foiled by a cabal of knife-wielding monks and the possible second coming of Jesus Christ himself. Much like its predecessors, The Final Conflict has been saddled with an overlong running time that's often exacerbated by the inclusion of padded-out and entirely needless sequences - with the almost egregiously laid-back pace certainly not helping matters. There's little doubt, however, that Neill's irresistibly sinister performance goes a long way towards sustaining one's interest through the movie's dull patches, while it's awfully hard not to admire the degree to which screenwriter Andrew Birkin has embraced the inherently dark nature of the film's storyline (something that's particularly true of the genuinely shocking baby-killing montage). The proliferation of unanswered questions - where did all of Damien's disciples come from? why can't you just lop his head off? - remains a fairly consistent distraction, although, to the film's credit, the admittedly over-the-top conclusion does an effective job of wrapping up the Damien saga. And although the film lamentably contains far less gore than either The Omen or Damien: Omen II, The Final Conflict will undoubtedly leave fans of the series satisfied (casual viewers, on the other hand, will surely find themselves baffled by the franchise's enduring success).

Subtitles: Croatian, English, Slovenian


IMDb Info 	-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Title: The Final Conflict
Year: 1981
Runtime: 108 mins
Votes: 4,950 votes
Rating: 5.2
All Genres: Horror, Thriller, IMDb Horror section
Tagline: The power of evil is no longer in the hands of a child.
Director: Graham Baker
Writing By: David Seltzer Andrew Birkin

. Now come into his full knowledge and power, the Anti-Christ in the body of Damien Thorne is about to strike his final blow. The Christ-child has been born again, on the Angel Isle, Great Britain (Scotland, England & Wales). The plan is simple, find the male children born on the specified day, and kill them all. Written by David Carroll {[email protected]}
. Damien, the anti-Christ, is a thirty-something CEO of a huge multinational corporation and the new ambassador for Great Britain (Scotland, England & Wales), but he lusts for control of the world. The Dark One's only enemies are seven monks sworn to Damien's destruction with sacred daggers forged for that one purpose. As the monks hunt Damien, he orders the systematic elimination of recently born boys, who he believes are the Second Coming of Christ. Will good or evil triumph? Written by Tim Kretschmann {[email protected]}

. Sam Neill as Damien Thorn
. Rossano Brazzi as DeCarlo
. Don Gordon as Dean
. Lisa Harrow as Kate Reynolds
. Barnaby Holm as Peter 

Complete name                    : Omen III - The Final ConflictOmen.III.-.The.Final.Conflict.1981.Blu-ray.720p.x264.DTS-DON.mkv
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Title                            : Omen III: The Final Conflict 1981 720p
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Language                         : Slovenian


Thanks a lot BOZX, please keep uploading 1080p, TPB needs a constant 1080p uploader. Cheers.
Its hard to believe no one has commented on the various problems with this file yet. There is a major pixelation very early in the film and then not too much later some obvious popping with the audio.
My guess is that someone reduced the bluray file size way too much and it had a negative on audio/visual fragmenting. TPB could use a new 720p bluray x264 replacement for this file if anyone has the DVD.
Great, thank you