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2010-05-03 12:52:25 GMT
twentyforty Trusted

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*** 2-pass 360p encoding for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox, portable and mobile devices (Ipod, Itouch) . ***
*** Video is 640x360 H264; audio is 44.1 kHz/stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***


Hi 20-40,
Thanks for the encode/upload.

P.S. will wait until initial (4 minimum) seeders are up and going.
theres no such thing as 360p / 272p !

Thanks guys. Sorry I'm late. Rough night behind.

@T-Fish: LOL. Thanks for brightening my day.
Thank you 20/40
for this terrific series.
@lilars: Don't laugh at me, but I never understood how one word can have linguistic base in "terr" and actually mean something positive. "Terrific" is creepy word, one of those that makes me disoriented... LOL.
glad you're having fun making up silly name conventions ;)
@T-Fish: You are funny little man, you know?
You do realize ... LOL ... that you speak about "conventions" on place called The PIRATE bay?
Keep on, make me laugh... I need funny (and playing "blind bat") talking midgets or dwarfs or trolls or whatsover...
i suppose 1280x544 is 544p according to you lmao..

640 x 480 = 480p (1.33:1) 4:3
640 x 360 = 480p (1.78:1) 16:9

silly n00b ;)
thanks buddy.
Hey T-fish go fuck urself. [email protected] noob comment. You know all about that don't u. You fkn troll. Let me go check out so of your uploads. Oh wait.......
@larrybomb420: Well said Larry. How stupid some people are to be on Internet but never use Google.

@T-Fish: Take your meds - as GP have prescribed.
b) Google. There is no such thing ad "544p". It is 720p category.
c) Learn.
d) Learn more.
e) Read. On top of the page stands: The.Pacific.Pt.VIII.360p.HDTV.H264 - so, 360p does exist.
f) Do not troll.
g) Be nice to people. Some of the strangers could punch you in the face if you speak nonsense.
h) "H" is already too much for you. You never get so far, right?

Display format attribute (tag) was introduced during the dominance of 4:3 screens. These are history now.
"Scene" tried to enforce such tagging. In case of XviD/DivX is proved disaster to hard-code ANY pixel-size other than 1:1.
As for x264/H264 IT IS quite common, normal and even wanted to have pixel/display size coded in. It is OBLIGATORY for "i" family of mobile devices and for some (majority) of standalones.
Confusion about that exists only in heads of people who try to "understand" H264 world of encoding from old (for 10 years basically untouched) and obsolete XviD perspective.
For example:
I MUST hard-code SAR 1:1 to be accepted by Itunes in case of 272p and 360p.
I MUST hard-code DISPLAY size in order not to have my picture "squashed" or "stretched" by nonstandard graphic engines in number of devices. Most people doesn't know that whole "families" of displays are in fact 16/10 not 16/9 or have resizing errors known for last decade or so.
I USE dsize filter for that, what is NOT common practice between x264 encoders, who CANNOT do that regarding the software they currently use.
I AM NOT a "Scene", I AM NOT a "Group" and therefore my encodings DO NOT follow the rules or conventions "prescribed" by totally and absolute strangers to me.
I DO NOT make RAR archives and split them into zillion pieces.
I DO NOT follow size-rules, 1/4 CD, 1/2 CD, 1 CD... it is stupid. I burned last CD six years ago.

New times have come. And I am free, as anyone else, to choose in which ones is better to live.
you even fail at reading. how sad.
You are a troll. I have right. And in all other things too.
I feel bad for the trolls who have been ridiculed, send to their birthplace and few normal people have shitting upon them - but they continue to come back for more.
That's sad.
Thanks man. works great!
>T-Fish at 2010-05-03 22:30 CET:

i suppose 1280x544 is 544p according to you lmao..

640 x 480 = 480p (1.33:1) 4:3
640 x 360 = 480p (1.78:1) 16:9

silly n00b ;)

That's how T-Fish wants to tell that 720p is in fact - 1024p.
Because - by that skewed logic is 1280 x 1024 = 1024p (1.33:1) 4:3
and 1280 x 720 = 1024p (1.78:1) 16:9
and... we all got things wrong - but he get things right, right?

Let say it nicely: Leave the thinking to sane people.
Because you cannot learn - even if you try very hard.
I am sorry for you. Deeply.
there is no 4:3 in HD, dumbass.

fail !