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Adobe CS5 Activator
Applications > Windows
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Adobe CS5 Activator
2010-05-03 14:26:39 GMT
DjAligator14 Trusted

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100% Working.
Tested on win7 x64
No virus!!!

If it keep tell you that serial is invalid you need this. It's with this files 

32bit amtlib.dll
64bit amtlib.dll


I didn't log in intro live.
Illustrator work good also it didn't shutdown.
appears to be fine, adobe is up and running perfectly fine, not sure if the .exe put a virus on or anything though, seems to be clean.
For me it dosen't work from hosts to block it so that's why i search with amtlib.dll files. Photoshop it shows to me as extended and Illustrator it show as tryout but it close when i want to close it. You have some problems with the Suite you installed.
I tested it, and it works for me!. Very Easy to use.

Great Post!
it seems that guy was banned of his annoying spam
@dcoryh192--Following your post I downloaded Sandboxie, but am not sure how you transfered the amtlibs files out of sandboxie--Can you help pls?
worked fine, thanks. if you had to deal with the amtlib.dll in cs4 this should be a familiar fix, it just automates it. perfect!
awesome.. thx a lot man!
thanks dude!!! it really works!
Worked for me :) Ill seed this for acouple weeks
It worked just fine !!!! Thank you a lot for the post ! You rock !

Didn't work for me. Still getting prompted to enter a new serial number each time I start Photoshop. I'm running a 64bit version.
No ideas because for me they work. Illustrator it go into tryout but every program remains like it was. Photoshop is extended for me.

Untill now i found just this one the best I keep searching for more but still nothing.
I'm running Windows 7 x64. Breakdown of the stuff I have installed:
Illustrator...not working
InDesign...not working
Photoshop...not working
Photoshop (64-bit)...working
Actually, just kidding. Soundbooth's not working.
Worked for me too. Thank you DjAligator14, and Adobe.
Works great! Thanks!

(Win 7 x64 )
It worked on one of my computers, but the other one is installed in non-default location (separate drive), the program didn't work automatically. I just made a duplicate of one of the folders (eg. Adobe Photoshop CS5) in the default location (win 7 64, c:\Program Files) and copies the exisiting amtlib.dll to that location. Ran the program, had to disable AVG, but it replaced the old amtlib.dll with a new one. Then copied that file to the folder for each adobe program you have. This is almost exactly how CS4 is cracked too. Thanks for making this.
just perfect!!!!!!!thanks a lot