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MA., Ph.D. (U.S.A.)

This book is not meant for decorating your bookshelf, but for circulation among
others as fast as you can so
that we can save our MOTHERINDIA

To write a foreword to Oh! You Hindu!! Awake!!!, I accepted this offer with shock and
surprise. Remember this is not an ordinary book. My blood started boiling as I read
it for the first time. Anybody reading this book with an unbiased mind will certainly
agree with the facts and figures given in this booklet. Since I didn't believe this book
as it is at first. I asked for the video cassettes and books mentioned at the end. To my
great surprise, as a Hindu, I don't know what to write further. Whenever anything is
written on Hinduism, it is hidden from the public because of the power and media
they have.

What have their books and religions taught us? How many Gods have we? Who are
our Gods? Can you believe Ramayana & Mahabaratha? What are they telling about
our Godly men viz. Rama, Sita, Shiva Parvathi, Brahma, Ganesh & Krishna? Can one
not see the pornography and incest in them? I would not read it to my mother,
daughter or sister! Can you? What if a foreigner asks us what is Lingam and Yoni? How
about Shankaracharya, Rajaneesh, Sai Baba, Maharishis, Dhirendra Brahmachari and
Proof Chinmayananda? What are our Puranas and Veda telling? Our claims about
Viboothi, sun worshiping, urine drinking and other blind faiths tell us how ignorant
we are. How do we treat our Indian women? But we laugh at the treatment of women
in other religions. What hypocrites we are? How dare a rich go inside the temple with
special respect even if he is anillicit liquor dealer or smuggler while thousands of
people are waiting in the queue?
Also religion is a 'man to God' and 'man to man' relationship. But to reach God,
treating the! Fellow human beings with love, justice and equal right is the best way.
Most of the religions are preaching the same way.

Unfortunately only Hinduism which was originated by the Brahmins is preaching that
to reach God you must not love your fellow human being, you should not treat him
with justice and you should not treat him with equal rights and humanity. On the
other hand it teaches the high caste Brahmin how to enslave him, cheat him and fool
him in the name of Hinduism. With this technique only today 2% Brahmins are ruling
89% of India's population.
Do you think the master race will change itself? Impossible. Why? Because they will
break into pieces if YOU know the real truth! You and I cannot change our
MOTHERLAND overnight But let us do something that we can.


Kinda pathetic attempt..
Many such Attempts& information warfare hav been made throughout history to destroy Hinduism..
But its still standing on its own without oil money,fat vatican or enforce universal truth..
it has survived for tens of thousands of years..
"Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained" -Mahatma Gandhi..
Keep trying..
.relax mates.this is just a dude ( qams7 )trying to promote his religion.i am guessing he is the uploader.has comments crosslinked in many posts.
relax mates.this is just a dude ( qams7 )trying to promote his religion.i am guessing he is the uploader.has comments crosslinked in many posts.
The writer of this book fake or genuine does not have any knowledge on Hinduism. He surely antisocial element not from BHART nation. Just CRAP !!