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Bully Beatdown - Seasons 1 and 2
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Bully Beatdown is an American reality television series from Mark Burnett that airs on MTV. In each episode, bullies are confronted by Jason "Mayhem" Miller and challenged to an upcoming mixed martial arts bout against a professional mixed martial artist for a chance to win $10,000.

Each fight features two three-minute rounds: the first consists of grappling (no striking allowed), and the second round involves kickboxing. The bullies begin each round with $5,000 in potential earnings; each time the bully taps out in the first round, $1,000 of his potential earnings go to the victim, and if the fight is stopped in the second round by KO, TKO, or referee, the bully loses the entire sum. In the unlikely scenario that the bully can KO the MMA fighter, he wins money in addition to his first round earnings and the $5,000 from the second round.


this show is just awesome
Anyone over the age of 7 should be able to tell this series is completely staged and scripted. However, it is still sort of fun to watch.
Who srsly care about its fake or not? Thats the same with WWE.. Its so fun to watch.. So again, fuck if its fake or what ever, i just enjoy the great show there pulling up
lol fake? like all the program's on mtv are fake diddnt surprise me still i watch it becouse its just fun to see people get there ass beat real or fake as long as it looks just a bit real im in for it.
How could this even be fake? i mean the fights are real, cuz u can see the kicks and punches hitting the face and body almost every time.
Quality 7/10, sort of slightly below a dvdrip 512x384. I actually only download season 1 episode 6 because I read around that it was the rare if not only episode where the bully won all $10k. Surprisingly I had the hardest time finding it streaming, I wonder why *rolls eyes* Thanks uploader, found it here and am grateful.