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2010-05-03 17:21:25 GMT
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[color=cyan]Movie Information:::::[/color]
Original Movie Site::::::
More Info::::::::::::::::
Genre::::::::::::::::::::Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Rating:::::::::::::::::::7.9/10   7,025 votes
Plot:::::::::::::::::::::Billionaire Tony Stark must contend with deadly issues involving the government, his own friends, 
as well as new enemies due to his superhero alter ego Iron Man.

[color=red]Video Specifications:::[/color]
Format:::::::::::::::::::MPEG-4 Visual
Duration:::::::::::::::::1Hour 52Minutes
Overall Bitrate::::::::::1654
Frame Rate:::::::::::::::25.000FPS
Video Source:::::::::::::Zheleznyj.chelovek.2.2010.D.CAMRip.ELEKTRI4KA.[]

[color=red]Audio Specifications:::[/color]
Format:::::::::::::::::::Mpeg Audio
Audio Source:::::::::::::Iron.Man.2.2010.CAM.RO.XviD.iNT,some russian, some imagines thnx to all!


well, 1stly thnx to both russian and romanians for sources, well, video was very orange in some effect, so lowered the saturation
down quite alot, then changed gamma, hue, and contrast for it to gather back control, then was onto colors, changed thema bit also,
did'nt want to edit colors too much due to would of looked dull, the romanian cam was Pretty damn good, however had bad angle, and 
really bad crop else would of used that...anyway added denoised filter to the video and a slight sharpness filter to not over sharpen
it...anyway to the audio, 1st 10 seconds we used russian no talking anyway, as that was not on the romanian cam, then synced the
romanian cam audio to the video and then used imagines audio for last 10 seconds, overall i think the audio is pretty good for cam
audio, Enjoy!


English? Its kinda shady to know thats been the problem and push this out without letting people know... so Fake or Worthless...?
This is English and def watchable.
Id say V:6 A:7. I haven't checked the other copies yet but I dont think I have to. Thank you TvTeam Great up.
with that many seeders and leechers i would have expected at least a sea of "is it real" or "a:v?"spam, let alone a few more thank you's.
lol, o well.
thanks for the upload and all your efforts in providing the new audio. i guess this movie must have been so good that all the people spamming the uploads before for eng audio just forgot to thank anyone.
This release is definitely the best one out there ... no baby crying and slightly better audio ... For whatever it's worth .... I downloaded and previewed 6 copies ... This is the one I decided to burn to disc. ..... Thanks to everyone who shares
Audio is much improved from the previous English up. I'd say it's about a 7 audio (old audio made it unwatchable) and 6 or 7 video.
does anyone know why my download spikes constantly but does not stay at a constant speed on some torrent files? usually i download @ 490 kb/ps but right now my average is 15 kb/ps with spikes to 180 kb/ps.
unfortunately, rar poped up as unfamilliar format or damaged. trying download again.
sample looked pretty good tho.

dl now..ill comment asap!
Best copy I have seen so far A:7 with slight VLC tweaking V:7.5 Downloaded 4 different torrents so far.
best dvd copy ive seen on TPB, worth a look
nice job,thanks
A-6 V-7
Good copy v9 a8 i was pleased to get this good a copy this early> Great job
copy is best out so far ive downloaded them all
The video is not the best I have seen, but the sound is really good. I would rate it:
V: 6/10
A: 9/10
It looks like a TS or a really good CAM, but the audio is defiantly from another source than the cameras microphone.
Wow. This is really nice for a cam. Wherever the new audio is from really makes this watchable. Thankies to all involved.

75% @ 20 minutes ... pretty damn good ..
Will comment quality shortly
1.3gb in 26 minutes (average 850kb/s)
>>not too shabby
How do DL so fast? The fastest i have seen my go is 250kbs. Will someone please help me increase my speed? I have it set to unlimited. Thanks
TvTeam, never letting me down. Thanks for the torrent. Am downloading as we speak. :D
People REALLY need to learn how to rate a video.

V:10 = BluRay
A:10 = 7.1 DTS

You don't slide the scale to the type of video. That makes the entire scale random and useless. Case in point some people have rated this a 9 audio while others rate it 6. That's a huge difference. Is this because the 9 is rating it, "For a cam."? Who knows, but it makes their rating suspect and I ignore it. In fact I have to think the exact opposite. If someone rates a cam a 9 then I assume they are a troll and purposefully mis-rating it. That or they are a total moron and should be ignored in either case.
Thanks, not bad for a cam
captainbarbossa at 2010-05-04 06:34 CET:
This is English and def watchable.
Id say V:6 A:7. I haven't checked the other copies yet but I dont think I have to. Thank you TvTeam Great up.

hahahahahahahaha def watchable
go hang your selve by the nek
in the highest tree you can find
this is like V 3.2 A 2.2
i say do not download this shit
this is like the worst cam i uploadet jet
of 20 ive uploadet get real m8 this sucks
like hell
please take this FAKE F.KING ASS CAM OF


greetz The.NL.Pirate.King