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Polish Teen Kasia - 3.5 hours of video
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polish teen kasia porn sex poland phil flash phil-flash petite blond blonde
2010-05-03 17:37:27 GMT

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This was painstakingly compiled from individually downloaded .rar files (they have been unpacked already, don't worry). All told, there are 34 videos. Longest is 17 minutes, the average is around 6 min. I'd recommend downloading few and putting  them into a playlist.

Roughly half of the videos are 960x540, the other half are 640x480



Nice job!!!
I'm afraid I don't understand the question; if you are asking if she is nude in the videos, yes.
Nice work, this girl is amazing.
Are any of these vids of her actually taking a dick?
I have seen plenty fo her with toys, but so far none of her getting a decent beef injection.
If any are, can you let me know the file names. Dont want to dl 5 gigs of toying.
Nice torrent man.
hoooooooot love polish gurls and nizzzzze asssssssssssss

I don't think so, no
if you ( everybody ) look at a torrent and it has no screenshots or link to boxcover/official info about the file google it or use or wikipedia and copy and paste links to the info to help everyone else out ! please dont be lazy and expect the uploaders to do it yourself , the more people stop being selfish & expecting someone else to do this the better off well all be, the piratebay may not be around forever so help out right now !
Thaks ! Nice work dude !
I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet.. there is no sex or masturbating in any of these files. She's just doing photo shoots naked or dancing on stripper poles.

I can't get off to this bullshit. Heads up.
First of all - thank you to whoever uploaded this. this is the best collection of kasia videos I've found. To the poster above me -- she doesn't do hardcore but she gets naked in every video and she masturbates in quite a few of them. Maybe you should watch them? :)
Thank you anon. This bird is hot.
Another incredibly stupid attempt to promote! Contains only very short scenes of Kasia giggling and joking, high on drugs! BEWARE: No porn at all!!! Without the IDIOT TALKING camera man and crew at Phil, this girl could make it BIG time! However, as presented here it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME to download! TOTALLY DISASTER! A shame really as KASIA deserves something better.
A total waste!! Contains NO PORN! Just a giggling Kasia and idiots crew and camera men from Phil Flash talking bullshit!!! Pity, cause Kasia deserves better!! This is a disaster!
thanks for sharing.
She has a pretty face.