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Torchlight v 1.15 [MAC]
Games > Mac
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2010-05-03 18:12:33 GMT
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Torchlight v1.15 [MAC] ported using CXZ Diamond Wrapper method.

Unpack the dmg file then drag and drop the file to a location of your choice (normally in the Applications folder).

Download and install the CXZ Engines



Thanks for the upload, going to be testing it now :) Any idea if the giant fire issue is fixed? ;>
Okay.. Fire issue not fixed =( but it does work! ;D

No other issues that i've found that the other one did not have, just don't forget to backup your save files before updating ;D
The Offical Mac Client from Steam is out now.
Pfff, only use steam for online games bitch, like TF2,

add me if you are on mac steam, or even PC steam !!!

username: Razultull
is there any way to change the resolution without the game crashing?
meh, this version runs terrible.
can anyone upload the native version?
where do you drop mods??
don't download Steam version. it will stop working after a while. I got it and every time I try to reinstall it, it says it's to busy right now or cant find the files. This is better then nothing.
where do I get the CXZ Diamond Wrapper method Engines?

pls help
Can you please upload the Mac versions of the games when they're available? The ports sometimes don't work on some comps. Thanks.
Doesn't work on my macbook pro, installed fine but it looks like it's crashing on launch. (No error messages or anything)
To clarify, I do have all the proper cxz engines installed.
For those thinking it is overcomplicated, it is not.

There are problems with Lion and the wrappers, thus you need to upgrade your wrappers.

Just look here, at Porting Team's forums:

All information you need to upgrade your wrappers are there.
Game crashes everytime i try to chance resolution, is there any work around?
same problem as @4ddiction, crashes on start up

also @morph21 nice dead link
Where to download that CXZ engine ? Why dont you juz find us a like to download ???
hey bro, i tried with the CXZ i found of your post in here. But is still not work, the game doesnt work althought i installed CXZ with all features. Is there any step i miss ? This game freakin great, im using OSX Lion 10.7 Intel no PowerPC.. plz help
does anyone know where to get the native MAC version of this as the CXZ Engine version doesn't seem to work on 10.7 or higher.
Hi guys.
To anyone asking about CXZ and MacOS Lion:
10.7 LION:
If you are using OS LION (10.7) there is hope. Follow the links to Porting Team posted by "morph21" (a couple of posts above this one) and you shall be able to play it eventually.
If you are using (like me) OS MOUNTAIN LION (10.8) then you are screwed. CXZ does not work with Mountain Lion any more no matter what you do. I have followed all possible advice from the Porting Team website (which is pretty much the authority on this matter) and nothing. You'll just have to wait for another version of the game.

Hope this saves someone a lot of time.
the app just bounces on the dock then goes away