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My Horse & Me 2 (c) Atari

Release date : May 2nd, 2010
Protection   : Solidshield/Tagés
Type         : Simulation
Size         : 1 DVD, 80 x 50mb

Passionate about horses? Following up from the critical and commercial success
of last years debut release, My Horse & Me 2 puts you right back in the saddle
for another chance to experience the joy of owning and caring for horses.
Recreate the ultimate bond between horse and rider, through extensive caring
features, competing in multiple disciplines or simply taking your horse for a
ride. My Horse & Me 2 is the only horse game to carry the FEI license for

Unrar and burn, install, copy crack over from DVD & play !

Comments first i thinkd this is Porn

So you too openly admit that you actually have been looking for animal porn but came on this game?
( I mean came here as in surfing, not jerking off on the picture above, I hope... lol )
lmfao guys
MORE SEEDS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone know where I can get daemon tools lite 4.30.2 with sptd 1.56? I have tried several that say they are sptd 1.56, but when I install them, it has the latest sptd and so the game wont work. Tried several versions of daemon tools pro, alcohol, and power iso and none of those work either. The daemon tools lite 4.30.2 with sptd 1.78 does work with the first My Horse and me. My poor daughter is so frustrated, both of them worked fine until I had to reinstall windows due to a virus, now I can't get this to work.
Oh and perplexedmind, almost all patches are seen as viruses. Game companies don't want you using them, they want to stop pirating ;) so they work with antivirus programmers to make sure you can't use them. I just added it to the ignore list in my antivirus control panel and everything is fine and the game will play now. I hate it when people scream "virus" without really looking at it. Noobish has never had an actual virus in any of his downloads that I have tried.
when the game starts its okey buth wean a am colected 22 stars it just stops and a dont understand it. Pleas help me!!!
I can't get it to work. I downloaded and extracted, and extracted again as it needs to be... installed fine and then it opened word twice.... and then it had two pop ups about having to be 'administrator'. Then something else... what can I do? this computer is on adminstrator??
I can't get it to work. I extracted it twice as it needs to be extracted and installed. Then it had about needing to be an administrator twice (am on admin) and being on tages setup??? It installed fine and now I can't get it to go because of those errors?
hy, I put Windows 8 on the game, turned off the Virus Defender, and works perfectly with the game. The antivirus system did not allow to crack stowed into the game. In front of me the error message is sent to a higher administrative privileges needed and the crack was abolished by the anti-virus. But I've been so with other games that are blocked by the antivirus.
thanks for the upload, my daughter loves it, very good game :)