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FLCL (Fooly Cooly) DVD rip multi-language
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FLCL Fooly Cooly Furi Kuri Anime Adult Swim Miniseries
2010-05-03 20:45:32 GMT

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FLCL Ripped from the DVDs by me. The video has been de-interlaced and transcoded to h.264 @ 1mbps, with the original audio (no transcode) for both the English and Japanese tracks packed into a single Matroska file with English subtitles (Hand corrected for spelling and OCR errors) for each episode. 

The subtitles are coloured, so you'll need a player that supports coloured SRT subtitles to see them. VLC works fine for this. Quicktime will ignore the colour in the subs and play them in black and white, as will mplayer. Totem-player spits out the colour codes directly (gross), and I know nothing about MPC's handling of them. Like I said, VLC is fine, and that covers most everyone. If you're not using subs, every player works fine.

The inverse-telecine filter broke down at a few scene changes, but it's barely noticeable. I'll post a better de-interlace when I get around to it. (It's my first time dealing with made-for-SD-TV content, usually I work with HD)


Great quality, thanks!
Dude, excellent job. even if I personaly prefer the original Japanese language, its cool to have the english ones to make the not so forreign-oriented-friends happy. Thanks again :D
Great quality. Only really downside is the fact you gotta manually change it to English audio for each episode every time.
My favorite show! Thanks!
Gracias man, just remembered this show tonight and now I have it
Really good quality, great to have the option of English audio or subs, thanks a bunch!
for the occasional purist who think dubs are evil. It not that we don't like the Japanese, we're just lazy.
Fucking awesome man, thanx!
@Echobeh Sorry, I had to pick a language for it to default to, and the lipsync and sound mixing is better in the Japanese version (for obvious reasons) (The english dub is there because some people like it that way, and I'd rather not have to guess what version people want. Also, the wordplay goes by too fast in this story for people to get unless they're olympic readers.)

Thanks for the comments guys. I learned a few things from doing this. Apparently SRT subtitles are not the way to go. I'll use some flavor of substation next time (I had to pretty much hack in some of the subtitle colours) Also, Hand animating subtitles (mostly for BURA BURE, forget which episode) was gawdaweful. Also, I let some of the OCR's spelling mistakes slip through that I can't correct now, my bad.

I'll definitely take these into account when/if I can get my grubby little hands on the Blu-Ray version.

(Maybe I'll be able to add this to the torrent's description later if TPB's edit functionality comes back!)
Thank You!
I appreciate your in-depth description very much. Too many times have I come across poorly described torrents. Thank you, downloading now. :)
Awesome torrent! double thumbs up, FLCL has allways been a favorite of mine and now ive got my own copy =D.
dem subs got nothing to do with the english audio. gives me a headache to hear one thing and see another.
kinda like watching two different images with each eye.
Love this torrent. Great quality, great show, great music. Will seed for eternity!
@Echobeh If your using vlc, go into your preferences and change your default language to english. i did this for both audio and subtitle and havent had to change things since except for turning of subtitle.... i wish the english subs and english dub matched up better, but i can live.